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Strategic Human Resources Planning. Investigation - Research Paper Example

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Human Resource Management In Achieving Organizational Goals and Objectives Name Institution For several decades, organizations have failed to achieve both short term and long term organizational goals. These failures have been attributed to mismanagements within organizations…
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Strategic Human Resources Planning. Investigation
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Download file to see previous pages HR is a department within the organization that entirely manages people (Wood, 2009). It thus serves the purpose of recruiting, managing, and directing workforce. This is because it HR is the department that possesses knowledge, skills, creativity, ideas, and aptitudes within the organization. Any problem within the organization is solved through this department. Therefore, any organization that considers success an option must put in place human resource managers with the necessary skills to enhance progress of the organization. Like any other organization, Hilton Hotel has a HRD that has seen the organization provide unequalled services far and wide. This paper discusses corruption as a common problem in Hilton Hotel. Overview of the Problem Corruption has been a common problem in many organizations especially the big and diversified firms. From history, over 75% of companies have reached a shut down point as a result of corruption. The continued growth of Hilton Hotel has seen the emergence of this deadly vice. Within every organization, corruption has lead to several consequences that if not taken care of will result to organizational failure (Mathis & Jackson, 2010). In Hilton, just like any other organization, the highest levels of corruption were at the staffing function of the HR Department. It is important that in performing this role, recruits be selected in reference to their competence. This will definitely see the organization achieve since the recruited staff is in possession of the equipments. However, this has not been the case. Evidently, many of the newly recruited staff do not have the professional requirement, and necessary experience simply because they have a link to senior managers in the organization. In such a case, the definite outcome is failure. Environment Analysis Environmental analysis is a crucial aspect within an organization. It is important to evaluate the impact that Political factors, Economic factors, Socio-cultural factors, and technological facts to the organization (Mathis & Jackson, 2010). For political factors, the changes that are incorporated in the legislation and the political instability in some countries have negatively impacted Hilton Hotel. On economic factors, interest rates, cross-border pricing, and the charges by the banks have been a challenge in executing the objectives that the Hotel has put in place. Technology has played a big role in the promotion of better services to clients. Hilton has kept up with the changing technology to ensure it gives up to date services. Business people consider socio-cultural factors as the key elements in building the society. They influence the choices people maker and include beliefs held by certain communities, attitudes towards certain aspects and values. There Hotel has looked into demographic changes and the perception the clients have on their products thus achieved in delivery. Financial Analysis The only way through which Hilton Hotel has managed to survive despite this problem is through proper financial management. The financial department has largely worked in collaboration with other departments to ensure that the organizational finances arte properly cared for. For instance, remuneration is a function for the HR Department, but the financial department ensures that it properly evaluates every financial proposal before signing. Further, still, it is in this department that purchases and sales are managed thus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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