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Job analysis project (rating system part) - Essay Example

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These tasks were also rated based on the criteria of Frequency, importance, flexibility and difficulty where four is the highest and one the lowest on the scale. For example, if an SME/proofreader is rated in the area of Scrutinize documents in minute detail in order to…
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Job analysis project (rating system part)
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Download file to see previous pages It also tells how applicable such criteria in the performance of the task as it relates to the job. Standard deviation on the other hand tells how close or how far the actual performance deviates from desired performance of the task. Combining these two criteria will tell how the tendency of an SME to deviate from the ideal performance as it relates to the criteria of importance, frequency, difficulty and flexibility.
A survey was conducted indicating the major tasks involved in the job. The criteria used to evaluate each task were frequency, importance, flexibility and difficulty. Frequency meant how often the specific task was done as it relate to the job. Importance is the level of significance of the task to the job. Flexibility on the hand relates to the responsiveness of the task to the job while difficulty is the level of complexity in doing the job. The tasks are rated from the scale of one to four with four the highest and one the lowest on the scale.
The standard deviation shows the degree of deviation of the actual task compared to the desired performance with zero as the most desirable result as it indicate no deviation. The results being closer to zero indicate more desirability of performance where the farthest indicate the least desired performance.
The result of survey indicate that there are three criteria in the job where deviation is very susceptible. Actual performance consistently varied from desired performance in the area of flexibility as the deviation is consistent across all tasks from scrutinizing documents to querying decisively about ambiguities in the text. Standard deviation on all task is 0.471404521. This would tell that flexibility is the number issue among proofreaders and suggests that proofreaders should be trained with flexibility as all respondents deviated from desired performance.
The second is area of the task of a proofreader that has consistent deviation is difficulty. Except ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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