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Strategic Human Resource Management, Firm Performance, and Employee Relations Climate in China - Term Paper Example

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This paper “Strategic Human Resource Management, Firm Performance, and Employee Relations Climate in China” states strategic HRM policies are used less in state-owned enterprises. Foreign direct investment enterprises and privately-owned ones using strategic HR policies rapidly than other firms. …
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Strategic Human Resource Management, Firm Performance, and Employee Relations Climate in China
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Extract of sample "Strategic Human Resource Management, Firm Performance, and Employee Relations Climate in China"

Download file to see previous pages Researchers have outlined several practices of strategic human resources management and HR management policies and the impacts of such policies on the performance of various firms in China. Ngo, Lau, and Foley, has contrasted SHRM and HR policies in terms of ownership structure.
Integration of SHRM and HR practices in the ownership or management structure will increase operational efficiency, financial performance, and employee management. Researchers have outlined feasible strategies for organizational performance. In addition, researchers have developed investigation on various SHRM practices on the expansion, acquisition, and employee motivation strategies. In page 74 of the research paper, strategic HRM is recognized as the key HR strategy in terms of increasing organizational efficiency (Armstrong and Armstrong, 2000). Activities of HR managers are modified to increase the competence of employees. HR managers must adapt performance appraisal policies to motivate efficiently and performing employees. However, compensation of employees and improvement programs are essential to maintain employee relationship and motivation.
Managing employee behaviors is one of the major strategies that will be followed by HR managers. Globalized firms are increasing the use of long-term strategies so that they are able to achieve objectives, growth, and sustainability in competitive firms. Ngo, Lau, and Foley, reported that strategic human resource will align different functions of the employees in order to the competitiveness of the firms. However, growth and sustainability strategies of the firms are depending on an employee’s performance as per predetermined goals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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