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It is based upon the idea of no discrimination in the wages of labor based upon gender. It was given the shape of the law by John F. Kennedy as a measure of his new frontier program. It was an…
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Compensation Management
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Compensation Management of the of the Compensation Management The purpose of the paper is to discuss the details about the three main Equal Pay Act of 1963, FMLA, and COBRA, which are part of the compensation management studies.
“Equal Pay Act of 1963” is an amendment made to the Fair Labor standards Act. It is based upon the idea of no discrimination in the wages of labor based upon gender. It was given the shape of the law by John F. Kennedy as a measure of his new frontier program. It was an important amendment for empowering women and diminishing the wages gap due to sex differences. Learning about labor law and its clauses, which ensure equality in every organization, is very important. Also, it is useful to know which US federal law has empowered women and all genders to be treated equally (Mathis, Jackson, & Valentine, 2013 ).
Considering the FMLA or Family and medical leave act, it can be said that it is another very important lawsuit in the US federal Law. It enables the employees of an organization to take paid leave for family and medical reasons having complete job security during leave. The group health insurance will also continue under same terms and conditions as if the employee had not gone on leave. Knowing about FMLA and all of its clauses is very critical to know because with this information employees will be aware of their leave rights. Moreover, they may apply for leave when necessary staying within the clauses of eligibility of FMLA.
Moving forward to COBRA, “The consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation Act” is a federal law that enables workers to get health benefits for a period of time in which they may have lost their job (voluntary or involuntary), worked lesser number of hours, death case, divorce or facing issues in transition between jobs. COBRA also benefits employees of an organization having 20 or more employees where, they can extend their group health plans for an extended period, otherwise it could have ended (Mathis, Jackson, & Valentine, 2013). COBRA enables employees to elect their continuation of health plan and employers are also required to put up a notice for the cause. COBRA is very integral lawsuit in health and insurance and it benefits every common man of any organization. Its knowledge and application is necessary not only as an employee but as an employer too. The reason behind this is that COBRA can benefit through group health plans and during any tough times. Anyone can be able to apply for the optional benefits knowing the eligibility criteria of COBRA.
Mathis, R. L., Jackson, J., & Valentine, S. (2013 ). Study Guide for Human Resource Management, 14th. New York: Cengage Learning. Read More
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