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Employees are the human resources of a company. Therefore, their management is referred to as Human Resource Management. The human resources manager also manages interpersonal relationships…
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HR Application 3: Analyze
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HR APPLICATION 3: ANALYZE Introduction The person who manages employees in an organization is known as a human resource manager. Employees are the human resources of a company. Therefore, their management is referred to as Human Resource Management. The human resources manager also manages interpersonal relationships within an organization (Henderson, 2005). Human resource management’s main function is staffing the organization. It specializes with coming up with procedures and guidelines of recruiting, promoting, demoting and motivating employees in an organization.
Tasks of a human resource manager are as follows; to ensure that the organization follows and adheres to federal requirements and state laws. The manager represents the organization in legal issues. The management is also obliged to recruitment of employees. This is usually done by interviewing (Henderson, 2005). The human resources section schedules interviews and shortlists the applicants to be interviewed. It is then involved in the interviewing process and the final recruitment of qualified applicants. They then conduct the orientation process of the new recruits. Another task that is performed by the human resources manager is the employee motivation. The human resources section designs ways of motivating its employees. These ways include improving the working environment and increasing the employees’ wedges and salaries. The manager also maintains professionalism in the organization. This is achieved by organizing educational workshops and professional conferences to be attended by the employees (Henderson, 2005). The manager evaluates employees’ performance and recommends necessary actions to be taken. The manager also receives the grievances of employees’ and comes up with relevant solutions for them. The human resources manager ensures a good internal relationship between employees and the managerial sector. The manager also ensures that human resource records are efficiently filed for effective retrieval of data.
There are vital skills, knowledge and abilities that a human resources manager must possess. He/she must have a good problem analyzing and solving ability. This is because employees’ often report their problems to them. They, therefore have to acquire the ability to analyze the problems and come up with wise solutions. The manager should also develop a good judgment skill. This is often applied to make decisions when faced with elusive options or problems (Henderson, 2005). Good communication skill is another quality necessary for the job .The manager must develop listening and public speaking skills so as to enhance effective communication within their organization. Motivation of employees’ is also vital in an organization. Therefore, a manager should possess motivational skills to increase the performance of the employees’. The manager should also have good leadership qualities. This achieved by setting work expectations and standards for the employees. They should also direct employees on what to do and lead them by example. The manager should develop good interpersonal skills so that they can understand the needs and capabilities of the employees. This is accomplished by being able to manage conflict and resolve disagreements within the organization.
The job analysis posed several challenges and difficulties. The incumbents I was interviewing had a very tight schedule. It, therefore, seemed to be a bother when we were working together. This appeared to be slowing them down. The tasks of the supervisor that I interviewed were mostly paper work. They were quite cumbersome to understand, and I had to enquire about them so often. This took most of his time. Given more time and resources, I will spend more time with different organization’s Human Resource Managers. This will help me understand different types of human resources policies and approaches. This would later improve my mental diversity as an aspiring human resource manager.
Henderson, R. (2005). Compensation Management in a Knowledge-Based World (10th Edition). Prentice. Read More
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HR Application 3: Analyze Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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