The internationalizing staffing strategies of the BMW group - Essay Example

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This paper will analyze and describe the internationalizing staffing strategies of the BMW group. The company has a global operation hence the need to diversify its human resources. Currently, BMW used geocentric, polycentric, and ethnocentric human resources approach to staffing…
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The internationalizing staffing strategies of the BMW group
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that organizations adapt their human resource management practices for successful strategies execution to survive and grow in the international markets. International human resource field has been a focus of all business organizations, and its significance will grow in the subsequent years. International organizations use three strategies types for transfer of practices of human resource across different countries. The first strategy is the ethnocentric strategy, which uses similar practices of human resources of the parent company in its host nations. Secondly, they use a polycentric strategy that employs local people as labor force and adapts the human resource practices of the host nation. The third one is a geocentric strategy, which only focuses on talents of the employee and adopts human resource practices, which are operational and resourceful irrespective of the nationality. All strategies have their weaknesses and strengths that are applied as per the business type, the strategy of the organization, the leadership, and the experiences of the organization regarding diverse strategies. The international groups can use traditionally sensitive and adaptive practices of human resource management for generating a modest advantage in foreign tasks. In an effort to discover novel markets and prospects, international corporations are adapting to practices of human resource management across diverse borders. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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