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Organization development - Essay Example

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2) The other major problem is a lack of teamwork from the group members that has always led to poor or no turn-up results by the members making the head of department pressure the managers to hasten the work.
2. The lack of moral support from the management that demoralizes the…
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Organization development
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"Organization development"

Download file to see previous pages 1. Improve the mode of communication to help the management understand better the needs of the junior staff. When there is streamlined communication between the management and the employees, no party feels side-lined resulting in a morale boost
2. Create a platform where the outsiders who were helping in retreat training can make reports and give recommendations on their observations so as to help iron out any arising issues affecting the teams.
3. Eliminate slothfulness through the introduction of performance contracts where individuals take responsibilities of their work, hence avoid such scenarios where the manager can joke around with the other workers instead of working with his team.
Improvement of the channels of communication where every employee stands equal chance as the management in contributions of ideas will help create a serene environment for both the management and employees. This also will create a good will-power from the management that in turn will help improve the performance of both the managers and also employees. Having well-defined retreat structures where all teams are involved in team building exercises will help in ironing out any differences between workers and fellow and even managers. This will also help instructors feel free and give their best without having the fear of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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