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Importance of Social Responsibility in Organization Development - Essay Example

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From the paper "Importance of Social Responsibility in Organization Development" it is clear that corporate social responsibility contributes to improved economic performance, increased potential to attract and maintain employees, boost brand image, improved sales, and customer allegiance…
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Extract of sample "Importance of Social Responsibility in Organization Development"

Social responsibility is how an organization or business understands and behave towards social, cultural, environmental, or even economic societal expectations. Social responsibility is crucial for organization success. Social responsibility means going beyond the legal requirements and understanding other impacts the business may have on the wider society. This paper focuses on the importance of social responsibility in business or organization growth.
The organizations must be more socially responsible by reacting positively to the needs of stakeholders as well as other groups that may or may not be affected by operations of an organization. Social responsibility contributes to a positive impact on the corporate by the society hence improved performance. In the recent past, customers have become more sensitive of not only the quality of products and services they receive but also the means used by organizations to produce the products (Aras and Crowther 494-496). Organizations demonstrating any form of inhumanity in goods production such as child labour, discrimination, or environmental degradation face the possibility of lacking a good market for their products. Operations of various organizations create social problems thus it is important that they address such problems to retain their acceptability. Social responsibility also helps the corporate gain long-term favourable environment for their operations, products, and services (Aras and Crowther 566).
 Corporate social responsibility may fail to recognize by society but lack of it is easily noticed results in negative repercussion.  Read More
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Importance of Social Responsibility in Organization Development Essay.
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