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Considering its dwindling of the funding source used to fund to cover the related costs for employees who die from non-mining related causes, African Gold made the right choice. However, a company should go beyond the legally mandated benefits to help its workers with a…
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Comprehensive Case Analysis
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Human resource Human resource Considering its dwindling of the funding source used to fund to cover the related costs for employeeswho die from non-mining related causes, African Gold made the right choice. However, a company should go beyond the legally mandated benefits to help its workers with a devastating illness like HIV/AIDS. African Gold has a responsibility to its workers to ensure their well-being of their workers to increase their productivity in the organization. US Firms that globalize face various challenges. One of them is adapting to a rapidly changing profile of the workers (Stahl, Mendenhall, & Oddo, 2012). Thus they have to educate, integrate and even retain a rapidly changing and diverse working population. If I were goldstone, I would have also taken the same move considering the increased cases of deaths from HIV/AIDS employees (Nkomo, Fottler, & MacAfee, 2008). However, I would come into a consensus with the families of the employees to ensure that we share the costs.
This case has furthered my thinking on human resources management. It has made me understand that there are ethical considerations involved in business decisions and it is upon the human resource department to determine what the company is capable to offer. This is considering the company’s available resources and its goals and objectives. As a health care manager, this case has made me realize the importance of a healthy workforce in an organization. It is important for an organization to invest in the health of its workers to ensure that they maximize on their potential thus increasing on their productivity. Moreover, a healthy workforce ensures that an organization cuts on costs and achieves its goals and objectives (Burke & Cooper, 2005
Nkomo, S. M., Fottler, M. D., & MacAfee, R. B. (2008). Human resource management applications. Mason, Ohio: Cengage Learning.
Burke, R.J & Cooper, C.L. (2005). Reinventing Human Resource Management: Challenges and New Directions. New York: Psychology Press.
Stahl, G. K., Mendenhall, M. E., & Oddo, G. R. (2012). Readings and Cases in International Human Resource Management. New York: Routledge. Read More
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