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The NOGO Railroad case study shows a case of a corporation suffering from both macro and micro HR problems, poor performance and lack of morale among employees. Among the macro problems facing NOGO railroad include miscommunication due to complications in the resolution…
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Case analysis of NO GO Railroad
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Case Analysis of NOGO Railroad Affiliation: The NOGO Railroad case study shows a case of a corporation suffering from both macro and micro HR problems, poor performance and lack of morale among employees. Among the macro problems facing NOGO railroad include miscommunication due to complications in the resolution procedures, the telegraph operators’ contract, and employee motivation/morale. On the micro HR problems, the problems identified include favoritism, featherbedding, poor labor distribution, internal politics, and gender insensitivity in assigning contracts. According to the case study at hand, the cause of these problems include excess man power, resistance to change, HR policy is inappropriate, and guarantee-generated extra expenses (Brown, 2010).
In order to respond to these problems, Dave Keller, the new communications is assigned the work of overhauling the structural configuration of the organization and to create an organizational development strategy. However, based on the traditional archaic procedures of resolving issues and the psycho-social effects of favoritism, gender insensitivity, and lack of communication at the place of work among employees and management, employees are more likely to present resistance to change. The areas of resistance include support system where employees are wary that the support they used to get from management would subside or vanish. Employees will resist the alternative of downsizing the labor force as this would mean laying off of some employees. Additionally, a change in organization policy may influence change resistance as some employees may experience side effects of the change – e.g. possible career stagnation. Lastly, due to workplace politics, employee groups are likely to influence change resistance based on historical events associated with the proposed changes (Brown, 2010).
In order to resolve the identified challenges, the organization has the options of developing performance appraisal programs and management, human resource forecasting and planning, proper analysis of responsibilities, and the creation of training and development programs.
Brown, D. (2010). An experiential approach to organization development, 8th edition. Prentice Hall. Read More
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