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Accelerating Change Management at CEB - Case Study Example

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The paper argues that among the most important drivers for change at CEB is the recognition that the traditional structure of…
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Accelerating Change Management at CEB
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Extract of sample "Accelerating Change Management at CEB"

Download file to see previous pages The successes and failures of the change acceleration process have also been discussed and recommendations of how to improve the process made.
CEB is one of the most prominent companies in the world and this is mainly as a result of its providing consultant services to a wide range of among the most successful companies today (Florent-Treacy, Kets de Vries & del Amo, 2010). Its success has been made possible through its ability to cater for the needs of the different corporations that seek its services and this has included a wide range of issues ranging from administration to the provision of advice concerning what to invest in and how to go through the process. A result has been that there has developed a wide variety of teams within the company that have enabled it to provide the services that are necessary to satisfy its clientele. Not only has CEB managed to expand globally, but it has also brought a unique style of management and consultancy into the market that has been sought after by a significant number of companies in the globe. CEB’s success has been attributed to its evolutionary attitude and actions, which have made it indispensable in the provision of services to its clients; all of which are based in different countries and environments. That these companies are based in different countries means that CEB has to ensure that it studies the new environments and make them a priority in the development of strategies that its clients can use to attain success. Through its efforts on behalf of its clients, CEB has managed to develop a unique position in the global market where it is able to adapt to different environments and advise its clients accordingly.
The ever-evolving attitude that it has developed has made possible its success because this company has undergone many changes since its founding and as a young company, it has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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