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Case study Rosenfeld and the Chocolate Factory - Essay Example

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Kraft is an American food giant, which mainly engages in the production of Oreo biscuits and the Philadelphia cream cheese. The acquisition ended approximately 200 years independence…
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Case study Rosenfeld and the Chocolate Factory
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Download file to see previous pages The deal was realized immediately after Lord Mandelson had a meeting with the chief executive of Kraft, Irene Rosenfeld, to discuss job losses in the UK. The job loss discussion resulted due to the protest by Cadbury staffs, outside Parliament.
Cadbury employment values favored job security. The company had permanent and pensionable employment terms for their employees. Cadbury had a pension scheme that adequately remunerated employee on reaching retirement period or during voluntary retirement. The company invested a lot of resources towards a long term employment relationship with the employees. The human resource investment areas includes; succession planning, training, staff development, and staff motivation programs. Cadbury had adequate training programs to improve the competency of the employees, so as to effectively achieve both short term and long term goals. Training was provided in various areas of company operations. Marketing training entailed giving the marketing staffs adequate skills to determine the needs of customers. The production team was trained on innovation of more superior and efficient production processes. The management of the company favored employee motivation. This is through adopting processes that ensure competitive staff remuneration, and enhance employee retention. The management of Cadbury valued succession planning, so as to ensure competent replacement of management staffs. This ensured effective future management of the company (Sennette 2006).
Kraft on the contrary does not take employment security, and employee motivation, seriously. During the takeover negotiations, Kraft illustrated the desire to declare redundant 200 jobs. In 2010, the company implemented the redundancy plans, immediately after the controversial bailout of Cadbury. The redundancy plans by Kraft shows that the management of the company does not favor employment security of the staffs. The concession ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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