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The Beer Industry in the United States - Term Paper Example

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The Beer Industry in United States Outline Introduction Review of Related Literatures a) A Brief Historical Account of Beer Industry in United States b) The Beer Industry and the Different Types of Beers c) The Beer Terminology in the United States d) The Structure of the American Beer Industry e) An Overview of Top 3 Brewing Companies in the United States f) A Look at the Microbreweries g) Understanding Home Brewing Conclusion References Introduction Beer has been part of various cultures across the world over a thousand of years…
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The Beer Industry in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages Throughout the world, brewing or the preparation of beer exists as an activity that even offers financial gains. As a point of fact, the United States of America is the leader in terms of beer production (Kirin Holdings, 2009). Not including the home brewers, United States has an estimate of 1700 breweries having the Anheuser - Busch Inc., the MillerCoors Brewing Corporation and the Pabst Brewing Company consecutively as its top three giant companies in terms of sales (Brewers Association, 2010). Nonetheless, despite the case that America comes to be number one in the production of beer around the world, it lags behind a number of countries, in particular, those in Europe, in terms of consumption making US ranked only second to China in total consumption and only 16th in the world in per capita consumption (Kirin Holdings, 2009). ...
Third, it endeavors to understand what beer is in the American context. Fourth, it also seeks to define the structure of the American beer industry through looking at the top brewing companies and the craft breweries or microbreweries. Last, it aspires to take a particular look on the brewing at the domestic level. The need to explore the beer industry in American context can backed up by the reason that beer has always been part of the American culture. Beer has held its prominence to almost everyone existing in the world. Likewise, it is of interesting position that the United States is the leader of beer production. However, the beer industry in United States is not known to most of us. That is what this paper wants to shed light on. The significance of this paper is that it contributes to an understanding of what the beer industry looks like in the American context. Review of Related Literatures This part of the paper will first present a general idea of the available literatures about the beer industry in the United States. This review aims to offer a cursory outlook at how the range of presented data is sought to address the problem of this paper. In order to grasp a deeper understanding of the beer industry in the context of United States, this section is categorized into the following segments namely: a) A Brief Historical Account of Beer Industry in United States, b) The Beer Industry and the Different Types of Beers, c) The Beer Terminology in the United States, d) The Structure of the American Beer Industry, e) An Overview of Top 3 Brewing Companies in the United States, f) A Look at the Microbreweries, and g) Understanding Home Brewing. Meanwhile, it is deemed important to note that the reviewed books, articles and other materials ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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