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Problems in the Workplace - Essay Example

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Technology has in recent days, changed a great deal especially affecting many aspects of work, which consequently forces workers to change their way of life. Although, embracing advanced technology is advantageous to the firm in terms of quality production and effective…
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Problems in the Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages Workers in the 21st century have increasingly raised concerns on how technology has changed their tasks as well as way of life, which could possibly lower performance. Some have lost their jobs because of mechanization and use of computers implying high level of unemployment. It has therefore become necessary for management to formulate policies for introducing new technology that do not lower workers ego but instead instills morale and motivation. In this paper, the issue of negative impact of technology on workers shall be discussed; issues related to technology change in working environment and suggest how to develop a mechanism to solve negative impact of technology, its implementation and suggestion on how to improve workers perception on new technology.
Technology is in recent days among the greatest challenges that employees have because they fear losing their jobs after introduction of computers and other devices. Although job has been made easier and efficient, technology has lowered workers morale especially those that are convinced that use of computers, robots and advanced machinery will eventually replace them (Hodgetts & Hegar, 2008). Many workers are therefore not ready to embrace new technology; instead, they are resisting management move to introduce new technologically advanced equipment. This has made work become ineffective since workers are always on go-slows in embracing new technology especially the one that is deemed to take away their positions. Resistance has especially come from workers who are not skilled, those that like paper work and they fear that lack of knowledge on how to use computers can possibly eliminate them. Workers resistance to technology change has held some organization behind thus not sustaining stiff competition especially in the 21st century. However, workers involvement in decision making and implementation of strategies to embrace technology changes has created a good working environment since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Problems in the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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