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Information Technology (IT) has the capability to develop the excellence, safety and competency of healthcare. Healthcare has grown progressively from the time when people began to perform conscious activities for preserving health and treating illnesses. The traditional methods based on illogical principles or personal experience of doctors had been replaced by evidence oriented medical practices in the 20th century. …
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Impact of information technology on a career
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Download file to see previous pages At the same time, fundamental changes in lifestyle of people and nutrition have reflective an impact on the life length and quality of daily life. The expenses for healthcare are significant portion of domestic yields in developed nations. Increased life duration has provided much importance on preserving high quality healthcare services. Presently, the sophisticated medical technology has added to the increasing tendencies in healthcare expenditures of people. The progression in telecommunication and computer science has resulted in indispensable alteration in healthcare professions. IT has generated great prospects regarding increased cost-effectiveness and quality of services in healthcare. IT opens the door for assuring appropriate healthcare quality which can be acquired within reasonable price (Duplaga, “The Impact of Information Technology on Quality of Healthcare Services”). Thesis Statement In present days, enhanced healthcare services are a key concern for any person. The information about patient and security & competency in the procedure of healthcare is believed to be important aspects for people as they prefer those healthcare organizations which provide quality services. Thus, technological advancements have become a prerequisite for providing good healthcare services. IT in healthcare profession helps to improve the procedures such as patient identification, records management, prescription creation, pathology workroom administration, appointment planning, clinical case examination among other tasks. The paper attempts to recognize the impact of IT on healthcare profession and services. ...
The paper attempts to recognize the impact of IT on healthcare profession and services. The objective of the paper is to understand the application of IT in several health facilities, know the significance of IT in providing better health services, recognize the implication of IT in healthcare facilities and realize the future of IT for enhancement of healthcare. Application of IT in Current Health Facilities Healthcare is always regarded as information based activity. From the perspective of business, healthcare professionals generally undertake two types of activities. The first one is medical procedures which are used for supporting patient analysis, treatment and disease prevention and the second one is procurement, communication and management of data. Thus, it is quite reasonable to assume that the changes in availability and ubiquity of information through IT have excessively large impact on healthcare professions. From the perspective of healthcare, information are those key facts and notes which are learnt through certain procedures such as analysis of statistical value of blood pressure or measurement of heartbeat. The information in healthcare helps to inform the consequence of certain examinations or activities such as analysis of hypertension or calculation of diabetes. Consecutively, information can be scientifically structured and examined to generate knowledge, which is the amassed understanding of real world matters and thoughts. In this context, it can be said that knowledge is the basis on which healthcare professionals develop their decisions regarding patients by comparing person based information. In healthcare industry, better management of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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