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Movie Theater General Manager Assessment - Assignment Example

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There is a need to fill the vacant position and the assessment methods that are to be employed are therein stated. The text states the job title and its description. Consequently, a…
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Movie Theater General Manager Assessment
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"Movie Theater General Manager Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages Staffing and customer service are key components that the movie general manager will be required to undertake as appropriate. Accountability is key in ensuring that the manager delivers on the job.
The position of a theatre manager is critical to the success of the organization to the extent that if the individual employed for the job is not up to the task then the objectives and goals cannot be met as appropriate. To this end, a careful assessment of the various tasks is scrutinized and matched with the relevant qualifications. While recruiting, it is important that the individual understands the tasks and the relevant procedures and processes needed to ensure success. The theatre manager will require attending a training session that will last for a period of 31 days. At the end of the training session, the management will conduct a training assessment test to determine the effectiveness of the process. Compensation will be determined based on the level of competence and the inherent job factors directly related to the job offered.
Performance assessment is the testing mode that is to be employed in determining if the individual recruited can perform the tasks as appropriate. The tests will be conducted by the directors and members of the executive. Key areas of testing will include skills, knowledge and level of commitment to the job offered. Some of the questions to be asked include
The questions will determine if the individuals recruited are the right ones for the job. The test questions will be analyzed and evaluated by the executives and the concerned people recruiting for the job.
The selection process will begin immediately after the applications. The idea is to expedite the process by looking at every application and determining if they correspond with the needed requirements. The selection process being done immediately after application will give the organization time to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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