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Sales representatives have the role to sell and conduct demand creation activities for a company’s products and services to new and existing customers (U.S. Department of labor, 2014). In training…
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Training for new sales representatives
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Training For New Sales Representatives The Director of Sales, Jorge Munoz I write to present my recommendations for trainingnew sales representatives. Sales representatives have the role to sell and conduct demand creation activities for a company’s products and services to new and existing customers (U.S. Department of labor, 2014). In training new sales representatives, several training objectives must come into consideration. The first training objective is how to seek or obtain customers and how to realize the opportunities available for sales. The objective depicts the ability to prospect sales. The sales representatives should be learn how to target potential customers, contacting the potential customers through phone calls or impromptu visits at their homes or work places. Securing appointments is the main aim of prospecting sales.
The second training objective should be communication skills. The sales people should have the knowledge on how to communicate well with customers, how to build a rapport, how to listen to customers, and how to connect with customers (U.S. Department of labor, 2014). Moreover, this involves establishing credibility, building trust, and understanding the customer’s needs. In addition, the sales people should be aware of the fact that how they present themselves will heavily influence the sale. The training program should also focus on closing the deal. Apparently, making sales is the ultimate objective of training new sales representative. The training should also cover how to overcome rejections from customers, maintaining confidence in selling the products and services even when turned down, doing follow ups on proposed appointments, negotiating strategies with the customers and determining alternative solutions that will lead to a sale.
Upon completion of the training, the sales people should be ready to find customers, know how to communicate properly with customers, how to persuade a sale indirectly and be able to close the deal. The sales people should be aware of the fact that not everyone approached will be friendly and so confidence will be highly needed. The sales people should also know the performance expectations and targets in order to deliver quality performance (U.S. Department of labor, 2014). Quality performance is only achievable if a person has the determination and drive to work towards the targets set.
The target-training group should possess certain skills, needs, and interest like excellent sales, negotiation skills, excellent communication skills, high levels of confidence, be a team player, possess good organizational, and management skills have the ability to work on his own and have a good business sense. The target-training group should have the ability to listen to details given by customers and develop in-depth knowledge of the products and services of the company. The sales people should have relevant background knowledge of the product or service on sale, possess a good standard of general education, and have the relevant qualification like a degree or a diploma (U.S. Department of labor, 2014).
The training should take place in a workshop where the trainees will concentrate. The training should occur before the sales representatives embark on the job so that they can have the full knowledge of the job and performance expectations or targets. The training should rely on effective tools that include power point slides, training manuals, pre-assignments, and quick reference job aids.
Thank you for allowing me to present my views regarding this pertinent issue. I hope my recommendations will be of great importance in this context. Feel free to contact me again if you have any questions or problems with the training of new sales representatives.
U.S. Department of labor (2014). Bureau of labor statistics. Occupational outlook handbook. Retrieved from: http://www, Read More
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Training for New Sales Representatives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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