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The personal selling process - Coursework Example

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The project highlights the personal selling process followed by the salesperson of ThyssenKrupp in order to sell elevators and escalators to companies in different industries. The researcher of this essay also aims to analyze business-to-business selling…
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The personal selling process
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Extract of sample "The personal selling process"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that personal selling forms a critical part of a marketing plan for a company that engages skilled salesperson in a successful deal with a customer. The salesperson should have the ability to successfully close the deal with the customer so that he/she is interested in the company products or services. The present research has identified that in order to successfully close a sales deal, a salesperson should be attentive to the present need of the customer and offer him/her the required products or services. It will be incorrect to state that the job of a salesperson is easy, as convincing a human being for a product or services is hard due to the different bent of mind of the consumers. The author has rightly presented that the companies lay emphasis on the art of selling and there is a definite process that is followed by a salesperson for converting a lead into the buyer. Thus, it is the most expensive form of marketing, where the salesperson should follow definite steps in order to bring sales revenue to the company. Each of these steps is important for the salesperson and company. ThyssenKrupp AG is regarded as one of the largest steel producers in the world and it also engages in providing systems and component to the automotive industry, elevators, escalators and industrial services to its customers. It engages in business-to-business selling with the customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Selling Process and Selling Tools the other component of promotion strategy where the producer promotes their product personally. This creates brand loyalty from the customers ensuring that they do not stop using the product. Public relation is the last promotion strategy that should be considered. This is how a company relates to the public regarding their product and how they deal with complains and complements they receive. Promotional support for the selling process has been used to ensure that the product is sold on time and to the right target. Promotional support includes the media who ensure that a product is well advertised and that the message reaches the right people at the appropriate time. The...
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...certain disparagement by fellow sales staff. This can lead to loss of sales and market share for the company. Conclusion Personal selling in itself has the potential to make or break a person. The main advantages of personal selling include: "a) the sales message can be customized to meet the needs of the customer; b) the two-way nature of the sales process allows the sales team to respond directly and promptly to customer questions and concerns; c) personal selling is a good way of getting across large amounts of technical or other complex product information, d) the face-to-face sales meeting gives...
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.... Possible Objections and Rebuttal - Why sell balls online if I can buy it directly in a local store? My rebuttal for this to state to him are the benefits that I had mentioned above. The Internet is a tool that provides easy access and complete information to make most out of our purchase. Is the ball that we are using really that worth buying? A rational and educated customer, especially sports aficionados that belong to my target market, knows the importance of garnering information in buying balls, which stores of sports equipments seldom provides. - I’m an impatient person. That’s why I want the ball in my hands at once. Can an online store give me the ball I need immediately? We provide fast...
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...Selling Selling what I called it the personality grooming profession is the ladder of success for those who feel affection for that and having inbuilt sales talent. Here after I am going to discuss some of the main personality talents of a sale person – in other words ethics of a business man. I would also like to mention here that all the selling talents are interlinked with each other. One of the most important aspects of selling process is the trust level of sale person for his buyer that is how much a salesman is transparent and fair in his communication with his customers. Of course trust level is the thing which enhances the every relationship bonding but when we talk about selling it values a lot – as selling relationship... are...
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...Concept of Personal SellingPersonal selling is a concept which is widely misunderstood by many. For instance, many tend to think that salespeople only have the intention to make quick sales through the use of unscrupulous deals that are not aimed at improving the brand name of the product, which may not be the case. They also think that salespeople are always arrogant, manipulative, aggressive, and greedy. However, personal selling has a key role in promotional activities of products of many large companies to see how this function is considered important, one would realize that, in the business market where one company would...
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...Identify the environmental and managerial forces affecting personal selling There can be many different managerial implications of personal selling and these implications have direct effect on personal selling through the decision making process. The personal selling process is different for small companies and larger companies. The association of the sales person and especially the packages and compensation being offered to the sales people would have a very important effect on managerial decisions. In organizations where the sales agent is usually a...
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