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Furthermore, communication is based on how we exchange information with others. As such, establishing an effective communication with others can impact our personal identity by…
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Communication 1
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Communication and Personal Identity How we understand ourselves is composed of two aspects, that is, the self-image and the self-esteem. Furthermore, communication is based on how we exchange information with others. As such, establishing an effective communication with others can impact our personal identity by through the following social groups: significant others, peers and the generalized self. The significant others helps us to define ourselves and the patterns others create for us to follow. For example, the significant others help us to understand who we are, what makes us unique and the values that we possess. Peers help us to understand our “social comparison” to others by creating social solidarity. Lastly, the generalized self can positively influence us by helping us to identify elements of personal identity which are viewed as important by the society. These elements include gender, economic class, race/ethnicity and sexual orientation and culture. For example, establishing an effective communication with people from different cultures is the most important source of personal identity. Understanding different cultures helps us to create a particular lifestyle. As a result, being able to communicate with people from different cultures not only helps us to create distinction, but it also develops solidarity at the workplace (Management Association, Information Resources 26).
There are various ways that effective communication can affect our ability to understand other people’s communication. Communication involves the listening processes, which determine the amount of information we can gather in specific social situations. An effective communication therefore, determines how well we can understand others’ communication through the following ways: recalling, interpreting, receiving, evaluating and responding. For instance, responding involves the verbal or the non-verbal information we send to others during communication in order to show our attentiveness. As such, being able to communicate effectively can enable use to provide a positive feedback (Cormier, Nurius and Osborn 117).
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Communication 1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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