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Even those organizations that claim to be traditional and old-fashioned regularly implement changes in their work processes. This report will discover why it is so important and how organizations implement changes in their…
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Change in Organization
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No organization can exist without changes. Even those organizations that claim to be traditional and old-fashioned regularly implement changes in their work processes. This report will discover why it is so important and how organizations implement changes in their processes.
The impact of change on the organizations activities:
Change in the organizations is vital because organizational operations and processes become ineffective in some time after their implementation. In order to keep organizations progressive and successful, their cultures need to be change-friendly and flexible enough to function well under different circumstances.
Changes result in positive and negative consequences simultaneously. On the one hand, changes always have the aim to improve the organization. On the other hand, changes in routine can be negatively perceived by employees because their usual algorithm of work will not be appropriate any more.
Changes in decision-making, leadership, manages, strategy or policies can result in the need for restructuring. Leaders need to set new priorities and explain the meaning of the change for all employees to keep them involved in the process and minimize their negative reaction.
Many changes are related to enhancing communication inside and outside the organization. Some of them lead to lower barrier in communication between managers and their followers moving the structure of the company from vertical to more horizontal line of management.
Finally, any change has its final aim to improve the organization in its internal and external dimensions. Even though some changes are time-consuming, they result in better communication, stronger leadership and better achievements of employees at work.
The main factors involved in the change process
In order to make the process of change successful, one needs to consider the importance of specially trained people who are responsible for the change. Their knowledge and skills are vital to develop a comprehensive change plan that clarifies the resources required by the change. This plan becomes nothing without support from top management; all managers and leaders of the company should be engaged in the change to keep it important and make all employees engaged. Change management needs to be progressive and well-planned; change team needs to consider the risks associated with the change and make everything possible to minimize them. Finally, no change is possible without effective communication between all teams involved in the change. Miscommunication leads to misunderstanding of the strategy and the aims of the change. All people need to be equally engaged to understand the importance of what they do and why. Even the best change plan might fail if top management miscommunicates it to their followers.
Approaches to change
Transitional Approach
Transitional approach simply replaces old processes with new ones. For instance, the company decides to create a new product instead of the old one or creates a new team making it responsible for some piece of work.
Developmental Approach
Unlike transitional approach to change, developmental approach aims to change the current processes in the organization. All employees stay informed about all upcoming changes and adjust their performance/actions to new requirements set by their leaders.
Fundamental Approach
Fundamental approach results in complete reshaping of business. It touches upon main strategic and cultural pillars on which the company stands. Since the change is so massive, it leads to redefinition or roles, culture, responsibilities, aims, vision and all work-related processes.
Overall, the importance of change in organization is obvious. People cannot improve their performance doing the same things; they need to improve organizational processes in order to achieve more and work better. The choice of approach to change depends on the aims people what to achieve by change. All in all, all changes matter and if organizations decide to implement them, they need to plan everything carefully to make them work. Read More
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