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However, the huge costs involved go not mean taking chances with business network security especially given the rapidly expanding networks both commercially and…
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Security Measures Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Thesis: With network breaches being inevitable, small, medium, and large organizations must have security plans and standard operation procedures in place to prevent, detect, and respond efficiently to intrusions.
A security plan is a blueprint of the realization of safety objectives. This is a requirement for small and medium companies by also for large companies. In this case, security plan comprises of numerous elements including evaluation, situation assessment, testing, security policy, and implementation all of which work towards preventing and minimizing the possibility of harm resulting from electronic and other resources through malicious actions, accident, error, or natural disaster.
For this organization, situation assessment will work well in ensuring that the appropriate network areas are well protected, the formulated security strategy and plan are comparative to the probable threat, and offer upgrading plans that comprise countermeasures for novel hazards. The scope of an effective network plan will also result to clearly understood security issues, the required security level, and potential attackers among other factors (Daya, 2009, p. 2). Since the network plan scope is limited by the form of threats it covers, often, IT related threats may have a separate IT plan is prepared using specialized knowledge. With the scope, continuous security assessment will enable the organization to determine its progress in promoting network security through the identification of what is to be defended. Often, network security assessment explores the extent to which the vulnerability of people, equipment, locations, service availability, and confidential information is minimized and recommended actions for improvement. With the network components to be defended, the next move is the determination of threats to be defended (Sighn, 2011, p. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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