TSA Airport security and the changes after 9/11 - Research Paper Example

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Aviation security has been a primary concern for authorities and passengers since the terrorist attack on 9/11. The September attack raised serious questions on the viability of existing security check procedures and the outcome was the formation of TSA…
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TSA Airport security and the changes after 9/11
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Download file to see previous pages Ten years since the inception of the TSA, there are several questions raised on its efficacy and ability to thwart security challenges. Numerous instances of security breach during this period and extended hassle caused to passengers at airports have led to statements by governing bodies that the TSA has failed to achieve its mission. The paper explores the various dimensions related to aviation security procedures and standards adopted by TSA to ensure passenger security in aviation sector. The findings from various sources claim that TSA faces distinctive operational challenges that have restricted its capacities and capabilities to achieve its goals and objectives. Based on the findings the paper provides recommendations to overcome such challenges and measures that can be adopted at TSA for fruitful outcomes. Introduction The Transport Security Administration (TSA) was established with the purpose of ensuring and monitoring safety and security across all modes of transportation. The organization was formed in the post 9/11 terrorist attacks that made headlines all over the world. The US Department of Transport (DOT) realized the necessity of a specific organization that can supervise and control security measures in the transport sector. The organization was conceptualized on 19th Nov 2001 to improve the security of the transport sector. Post 9/11 attacks, it was strongly felt that the transport sector is highly vulnerable to terrorist attacks and hence the need was felt for an organization that caters to extended focus on raising security and improving surveillance in this sector. The mission of TSA is to protect “the Nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce” (TSA website, 2012). The primary function of TSA is to establish standards and protocols for achieving excellence in security practices through the adept use of people, processes and technology. The organization employs around 50,000 security personnel working across various levels and departments for round the clock vigilance at airports, railways and other transport sectors. The security officers at TSA operate around 450 airports across the globe with the objective of screening passengers, cargoes and airplanes for effective security of flight operations. However, this is not an easy task considering the fact that there are multiple levels of checking and vigilance for extended security checks. The effectiveness of such objectives lie in the individual capabilities of the security officers deputed at various points in the airport. All efforts of the organization is concentrated on preventing terrorists from injuring or bringing bombs or other hazardous elements on board (TSA website, 2012). The research paper provides an in-depth assessment and evaluation of the changes made in airport security in the wake of the attacks of 9/11. The facts and information for this paper have been collected from various online reports and articles that have focused on TSA’s role in enhancing security measures across airports. Security concerns and the founding of TSA The past few years have witnessed a growing rate of plane hijacks and terrorist bomb scares that have become a major cause for passengers and airline services. Before the deadly 9/11 attacks airport security did not involve much hassle and adopted metal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "TSA Airport security and the changes after 9/11." is quite popular among the tasks in college. Still, this text opens a fresh perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the manner for my own sample.

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