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TMA / T306 (B): Spring Semester, 2012 - Essay Example

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Various projects have different difficulty levels but most of them are meant to alleviate problems. Sustainable development has been described as that act of bringing…
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TMA / T306 (B): Spring Semester, 2012
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Extract of sample "TMA / T306 (B): Spring Semester, 2012"

Download file to see previous pages The different stakeholders in a project have the difficult task of making decisions that will reflect on the completion of the project. Sustainable development has to look into the protection of the environment while at the same time ensure resources are utilized by human beings. Several organizations and governments have been concerned about sustainable development. Most of the issues that deal with sustainable development look into the interests of different people in different sections. This essay will look into food security in the third world nations. Food security is an important issue among many nations in the world. This is especially true due to the growing global population that has exerted pressure on lands which in turn has led to environmental degradation. Sustainable development in the agricultural sector is important in ensuring that the current populations can feed themselves without compromising the livelihoods of future generations (Elliot, 2006). Food production is considered as the heart and survival of millions of people in the world.
The main objective of choosing the subject of food security in the third world nations is because food security is at the heart of many problems. Food security touches on the livelihoods of many people globally and finding solutions to this problem would ensure sustainable development. The process of designing a sustainable development project should look into the main aim of undertaking the project in the initial stage. As a result, many people should concentrate on the three main ideals of sustainable development (Drimie, 2002). These factors of sustainable development are values, belief and circumstances under which sustainable occur.
Values: Food insecurity is one of the major problems that face the several countries in the world. Many third world countries face the problem of ensuring that their citizens get enough food and malnutrition is a major problem in these countries. Good food ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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