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Change Management- Its interrelation with Project Management - Essay Example

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The term change management refers to the changes that happen in an individual or group or any organization from current to the future stage. From change we mean the change in the behavior of any individual. From the business point of view change refers to change in strategy or change in new technology and if we talk about change in society is the change in policy or new legislation…
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Change Management- Its interrelation with Project Management
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Extract of sample "Change Management- Its interrelation with Project Management"

Download file to see previous pages Change management is all about managing change and making the change beneficial for everyone.
The main field of changes are psychological, business and engineering. Thus with the study of change in organization it is also necessary to have knowledge about change in individual.
Kurt Lewin proposed a model in which he described change in three stages. The first stage is of Unfreezing. This stage proposes the change which raze the general thinking of an individual. The second stage is the period of disarray in which how should we replace the current set up also comes into mind. The third stage is refreezing in which all changes are set and comfort level returns back to the original position. This was the last stage which refers that change also provides comfort in work and behavior.
The other change model is presented by Kubler Ross. This model describes two stages one is personal and second is emotional. There is formula for change that is that a beneficial change occurs when organizational satisfaction is not good or future immediate change and these changes must have greater effect than the resistance of company to occur change.
There are some points that results in successful change: -

1) Awareness :- The people should be aware of change that why it is needed and up to which level.
2) Desire :- It is a person's own desire to have change and to participate in it with enthusiasm and a new vision,
3) Knowledge :- How the change should be done and when, knowledge of these things is of utmost importance. The knowledge of these things helps in a beneficial change.
4) Ability :- Change is not so easy process, to implement change is a very tough job. How to implement new technology and new skills so as to gain maximum output. This ability should be there in a manager.
Organizational Change Management :-
To manage the change in technology and process and individual behavior on an organizational level is called organizational change management. To manage these terms with an individual behavior gives change in organization.
Changes should be handled with great care. The management of these changes should be such that they do not cause any negative impact on the organization. All possible views are considered before making nay change.
Types of changes in organization :-

1) Operational change :- These changes effect the ongoing operations of the organizatio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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