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The following essay under the title "Organizational Success through Effective Human Resources Management" is focused on the HRM issues. According to the text, the concept of compensation comprises of both monetary and non-monetary benefits issued to employees within an organization. …
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Organizational Success through Effective Human Resources Management
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Companies reward performance by recognizing skills in a project, experience or offering awards. Considering this, a company may reward performance by appreciating the work of an employee or offering financial incentives to boost them. This involves teams with gifts, money, certificates or recognition of an individual effort. To ensure that employees are compensated fairly, companies should develop compensation and rewards programs that set targets. These programs help in training employees in their required efforts and the benefits derived at the completion of the tasks (Sims 33). Companies design and administer the benefits of setting goals and drawing strategies that determine the anticipated rewards.
Importance of HR Department
It is critical for large businesses to have a human resource department in order to help in the recruiting and administration of the workers. It is apparent that large businesses hire workers from diverse backgrounds because of their skills. The HR department undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that the employees meet the expectations of the firm in terms of skills and experience possessed. The HR department is also critical for large businesses because it helps in facilitating employee relations and organizational culture (Sims 38). This concerns strengthening the relationships between workers in separate departments by evaluating job satisfaction and employee engagement. Another essential aspect of having an HR department is that it enhances discipline within larger organizations.
The employees must fulfill the requirements of the organization of face sanctions that may entail a reduction of allowances, demotion or suspension. It is also necessary to have an HR department in large companies to provide training and development programs to the employees (Sims 39). This ensures that the workers update their skills to match the market requirements and offer high-quality services in the industry. In order to improve the company, the HR department needs to create a favorable and fair environment for all the workers.
Employee Relations
The promotion of good employee relations requires the HR department to create programs, such as the formation of workers’ unions, can be used. Organizations that encourage a unionized work environment foster good working relationships between the employees. This is because the labor relations help in formulating management reaction by engaging in collective bargaining negotiations (Sims 40). This is essential for the improvement of working conditions, especially if the managers mistreat their staff. However, if employee relations are poor, then the union can take charge to negotiate on their behalf. It is easy to advocate for privileges in a collective forum than do it on individual levels. For instance, problems affecting workers in one department may spread to the entire organization and this requires an all-inclusive approach to avoid sabotage. As a result, employee relations is an appropriate way of strengthening relationships to curb workplace conflicts. Read More
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