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Cost projection - Essay Example

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It highlights the details of the pilot project and proposes a financial plan for consideration by New York City Department of Environmental Protection Agency.
The proposed pilot…
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Cost projection
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Download file to see previous pages The pilot project is eligible for scrutiny and financial consideration as it falls among the green infrastructures programs in the city. In addition, the pilot project is part of the environmental program that the agency showed interest in supporting.
The project involves constructing green roofs and blue roofs within NY City as a measure of reducing stormwater runoff. Blue roofs retain stormwater. However, they are not vegetated. The pilot project involves the construction of small-scale weirs at the rooftops that drain inlets and create temporary ponds for gradual release of stormwater. On the other hand, green roofs comprise a vegetative layer in a designed soil that rests on top of the drainage layer. The green roofs are relatively costly than the blue roofs, but they can absorb large amounts of water. The pilot project will scale down the full-scale project into smaller projects that will run for a given duration. The management will then access the benefits and compare the cost of sustaining the water management approach to other approaches under the same conditions of the environment.
Installing source controls on the rooftops of the houses in NY City is a vital strategy that the agency needs to consider to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff from entering the sewers. A third of New York City consists of impervious regions. The massive surface of the rooftops in NY City is a characteristic that necessitates the construction of an effective green infrastructure.
The pilot project is worth considering due to precision and high level of accuracy in representing the full-scale project. The actual project is big, and the compilation of data involving costs is complex. Additionally, the magnitude of the errors derived from the full-scale projects could be massive. The pilot project is necessary to ensure the reduction in the magnitude of the errors when implementing the actual projects (Mancuso, 2009). In addition, the efficiency of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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