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Essentially, the main goal of the selection process is to identify and hire individuals who have knowledge, skills and abilities to perform jobs within the organization successfully (Robbins, 1993). However, employee selection process elements can work better for some job…
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Individual Work
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Essentially, the main goal of the selection process is to identify and hire individuals who have knowledge, skills and abilities to perform jobs within the organization successfully (Robbins, 1993). However, employee selection process elements can work better for some job candidates than for others. This entails that the job selection process has multiple elements that may provide insight into different candidates that need to be taken into account. In order to hire the right candidate out of a pool of applicants, components such as people who have values essentially consistent with those of the organization should be taken into account. In this way, selection sustains the culture of the organization which plays a pivotal role in shaping its operations (Robbins, 1993). Choosing job related predictors among the candidates is another component that ought to be taken into consideration when selecting candidates who will join the company. For instance, the interviewers need to focus on applicants’ behaviours that match their predictions in terms of performance once they are hired to join the organization (Jackson & Schuler, 2000).

The applicants ought to be assessed on the basis of their competencies. According to Werner (2004), there is a tendency by some candidates to exaggerate their competencies on their resumes in order to gain that favourable advantage when it comes to the final selection process. The interviewers ought to ask the candidates to explain some of the candid competencies they think they possess and these ought to match the expectations of the organization. This also gives the interviewers an insight of selecting the right candidate among a pool of applicants. The other issue that ought to be taken into consideration is related to assessing personality characteristics. In most cases, these characteristics shape the behaviour of the individual and they are likely to have a bearing on the way he or she performs in their job.
There are certain legal considerations that ought to guide the selection process in any organization. The process should not be discriminatory in any way and aspects such as fairness and impartiality should be upheld at all costs. There is a tendency by some employers to discriminate other applicants on the basis of elements such as gender or disability. It is illegal in actual fact to discriminate job applicants on such basis. This will also tarnish the image of the organization once the employers behave in such way. It is also expected that the employers provide all the information about their organizations to the candidates so that they can make informed decisions when they apply to join the company. It is illegal to misrepresent information to the candidates since there would be likely chances of obtaining undesirable results. For instance, information related to remuneration as well as working conditions ought to be made available to the candidates when they apply for the advertised job positions in the company. Above all, organizations should act as equal opportunity employers and strive to treat all the applicants as equal. This will help them to gain credibility and trust of the potential employees.
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