White Knight and Its Problems - Case Study Example

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This paper outlines that White Knight, which is a mail order catalogue company, experiences a lot of challenges and problems to its functionality. For example, several customers have raised complaints about the reduce performance of the White Knights call Centre. …
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White Knight and Its Problems
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 White Knight, which is a mail order catalogue company, experiences a lot of challenges and problems to its functionality. For example, several customers have raised complaints about the reduce performance of the White Knights call Centre. In order to diagnose the problem the real problems affecting the company should be identified. Therefore, the facts gathered by the HR business partner are the ones that should be diagnosed.
Problem diagnosis
First, the company lacked enough personnel to work at their call Centre. For instance, the call Centre only had 250 permanent agents that were also working on shifts, 60 permanent part-time agents that were also working in shifts (Guerra-López, pp123-189). Moreover, most of the agents were employed on a temporary basis. This indicates that there were fewer agents compared to customers that needed to be served, hence the problem of delays at the company’s call Centre. Secondly, there is a possibility that the temporary staff did not get adequate mentorship as well as the standards required to attend to customers at the call Centre. This might be because of the company relying only on the permanent staff to mentor the temporary staff, rather than to use other external assistance.
In addition, the company might be offering less salary making most people to seek employment from other similar jobs within the industry. Thirdly, there might have been a low employee’s morale at the call Centre since there was a flat rate salary for all employees. To add on, most employees at a call centre might not have qualified for the job since they lacked the required competencies, skills as well as personal characteristics that could suit them for the job. Finally, The Company might have been lacking proper coordination for the services at the call Centre; this is because they had inadequate leadership qualities.
Approaches of improving performance
The company can use several approaches to improve the performance at the call Centre. First, the company ought to employ monitoring and evaluation approach, which enable keen follow up of employees attendance to customer related services at the call Centre. Subsequently, they will then evaluate these employees according to how they respond to customers. Secondly, the company should use the approach of focusing on the continuous improvement, for instance, the company should concentrate on methods of improving their services from time to time (Guerra-López, pp123-189). Finally, the company should ensure that their activities are linked to their overall strategy. For instance, if their main goal is to serve customers on mobile phones, then they should concentrate on their call Centre more effectively than any other thing.
Recommendations and their implementation
The Wright Knight Company should increase the personnel by employing more employees to combat the Problem of inadequate work force for offering effective services at the call Centre. In order to implement this, I presume that the company should give the HR more power to employ more workers. The company should also ensure that all their employs have the required skills and personal characteristics of serving the customers, which should be implemented by coming with more advanced mentorship programmes. Thus, this will ensure that these temporary employees are well mentored not only by their permanent employees but also from external sources.
In addition, the company should increase the salaries to their employees in order to attract potential work force to seek a job from their company (Guerra-López, pp123-189). The company can implement this by including additional payments to the salary including relating payment to service in addition to performance and skills payment. Finally, the company should always boost the morale of the employees specifically at the call Centres. They can implement this by promoting salaries increment of some employees in order to do away with flat rate salary payment.

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Guerra-López, Ingrid. Performance Evaluation: Proven Approaches for Improving Program and Organizational Performance. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2008. Internet resource. Read More
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