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Supervision requires the active communication of leadership skills that results in a climate where self-motivation takes place - Essay Example

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Supervision requires the active communication of leadership skills that results in a climate where self-motivation takes place. Leaders first need to understand individual and group behavior to enable them choose the right leadership styles…
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Supervision requires the active communication of leadership skills that results in a climate where self-motivation takes place
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"Supervision requires the active communication of leadership skills that results in a climate where self-motivation takes place"

Download file to see previous pages Supervision requires the active communication of leadership skills that results in a climate where self-motivation takes place. It is rather important to encourage self-motivation in a workplace since this is the surest way of ensuring that employees perform their task as recommended. Different persons are motivated by different factors and as such achieving self-motivation towards work in a given work environment is in most cases not easy. For instance, a larger proportion of workers in various workplaces are usually motivated by money. Such people will, therefore, in most cases are likely to perform tasks so long as they are assured of payment.
Another category of people may be motivated by money but do not like doing work. They will, therefore, try to avoid work by all means. Strict supervision is, therefore, necessary in order for this group to perform tasks properly. The last category involves people who have the passion for work and would thus not only be motivated by money, but rather through doing what they enjoy. Minimum or even no supervision at all is all it takes for work to be done efficiently by this category. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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