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This paper aims at discussing the kind of relationship that exists between the performance rating of the employees and their scores on the manual dexterity tests. It also discusses about the impacts of this test on race or sex of the employees.
The Manual dexterity tests are…
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Manual Dexterity Tests al Affiliation: This paper aims at discussing the kind of relationship that exists between the performance rating of the employees and their scores on the manual dexterity tests. It also discusses about the impacts of this test on race or sex of the employees.
The Manual dexterity tests are tests used for measuring the capacity for simple but rapid finger, eye and hand movement. It actually measures the capacity to perform hand movements in a coordinated manner. It is particularly applicable in office and shop occupations that require quick movement in handling production materials and simple tools without differentiating shape and size. Accurate hand movements are vital for packaging and assembly positions (Thomas et al. 2014).
To determine the relationship between employees’ scores on the manual dexterity test and their performance ratings, we take employees’ scores on manual dexterity test as x and performance rating as y. then we will determine slope M using the equation
Y = Mx + C
Where C is a constant, determine by change in y coordinate divided by change in x coordinate. The change in y coordinate is given by subtracting the minimum value of y from the maximum value given by
Change in y = max value of y – minimum value of y
= 95 -70 = 25
Change in x = maximum value of x- minimum value of x
= 52 -32 = 20
Then slope (M) = change in y/ change in x
= 25/20
= 1.25
This implies that Y = 1.25x + C
This implies that for every one unit of employee’s performance rate, there is 1.25 units of employees score on manual dexterity test. This means that increase in employees score on manual dexterity test by one unit implies that the performance rate increases by 1.25 units.
For the second question, if the regression equation is
Job performance = 32.465 + (1.25 * manual dexterity test score)
Then if manual dexterity test is 44 then, then the candidates predicted job performance is
32.465 + (1.234* 44) = 86.761
This means that if the candidates score on the manual dexterity test is 44, then the predicted job performance is 86.761.
If we assume that candidates with scores above 43 on the manual dexterity test were hired, this means that these candidates have a predicted performance 85. Looking at the sex issue, we see that the number of males hired is seven (7) and the number of females hired is 13, all of them above the cutoff of 43. Similarly, on race six (6) Hispanics, eight (8) whites and six (6) blacks were hired. Calculating in terms of percentages indicates that 81.25% females and 50% males were employed. The percentage of Spanish employed is 66.67%, blacks and whites hired were 66.67% and 81.25% respectively. Thus, the use of this test has adverse effects on sex in that the number of females hired was higher than the numbers of males hired. The use of this test discriminated males and favored females.
Out of the total number of Hispanic candidates six of them were hired translating to 66.67%. 6/10 blacks were hire which is equivalent to 60%. 8/11 whites hired which is 72.73%. Therefore, the use of this test led to the employment of more whites than Hispanics and blacks.
In view of the validity of the results, I would recommend the use of this kind of test because it is quick, easy to use and economical to administer measure of manual dexterity. Sub tests require no scoring keys and are quick to score (Thomas et al. 2014).
Lezak, M. (1995). Neuropsychological assessment (3rd ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.
Thomas, R. (2014). Creating Human Development Theories: A Guide for the Social Sciences and Humanities. ABC-CLIO. Read More
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