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Testing in HR Recruiting - Essay Example

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 This essay focuses on various tests get carried out in the process of hiring to ensure only qualified, fit and professional employees are recruited. Some of the tests carried out during the process of hiring include personality assessment, psychometric testing, skill testing. …
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Testing in HR Recruiting
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"Testing in HR Recruiting"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the poorly carried out interview is detrimental to an organization future. It is in this regards that tests are mandatory during interviews to sieve out unwanted traits in organizations.
Inappropriate hiring can be costly errors to rectify and as such, manager should concentrate on convincing hiring processes, which offer, return on investment. In a busy organization stress, tolerance tests are extremely imperative. This prevents the hiring of employees who cannot withstand pressure from both customers and managers. Subsequently, a satisfactory interview process through tests also enables identification of personal style of employees whereby only people with proficient personality traits get the chance (Dessler, 2011). This makes the interviewing process a critical area in human resource management where channeling of all resources is necessary.
The future of any business organization depends on the nature of employees. Ambitious, dedicated and focused employees guarantee the success of an organization while lazy and less enthusiastic employees assure a fall in the operations of an organization. Psychometric tests during interview offer an evidence-based insight into behaviors of employees (Palmer & Varner, 2005). Nevertheless, straight, forwards, pertinent information gets concealed to the interviewing managers that are vital in the hiring process. In any event, that a psychometric test is not carried out before hiring managers will have problems coming up with non committed; at times arrogant employees who do not only make the business fail but also demoralize other employees. It is in this regards that clients with impressive results get retained in the hiring process (Hyder & Lövblad, 2007). This improves greater self-awareness among management teams and employees.
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Testing in HR Recruiting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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