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Window-based application - Essay Example

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With the current economic downtown experienced by a number of organizations, most managers have been challenged with the task of ensuring that costs are cut as much as possible. This is while the other activities of the businesses continue to run as expected. Training is one of…
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Window-based application
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Download file to see previous pages It should be able to work, in the same way, as face-to-face training. With this, it will be possible to cut the costs that are associated with the need for employees to travel to Chicago. This kind of training will include a broad range of activities from the provision of orientation for new employees and the opening of various offices in new areas (Bell, Reddy & Rainie, 2004).
Besides face-to-face training methods, also other numerous methods and materials are available to help managers equip and prepare their employees to perform better in their work. The use of several methods in each of the training sessions is one of the effective ways through which employees can learn and retain the information. Successful implementation of such plans will require a number of considerations. As such, as members of the HRD team, it will be vital to understand the costs and other needs in using the That is to say; they make it a challenging task to come up with the best method to implement. kind of technology. One of the types of technologies includes the computer-based form of technology. Besides these, there are also online forms of technology as well as E-learning (ASTD, 2001).
It is becoming rampant because of the widespread availability of technology. Technology is also becoming comfortable to use. As such, they help to enhance the traditional forms of training. They vary from the simplest programs that are composed of texts only to the more complex and sophisticated forms that make use of the Microsoft Windows Operating System.
Most of these technological components require the knowledge of training consultants for development and implementation. There is a need for the trainers to know how to create and operate SharePoint presentations.
In this sense, there are certain advantages that are linked to the use of this technology. It can be custom designed to suit different needs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Window-Based Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Window-Based Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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