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Research Brief for HR Development - Essay Example

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Human Resource Development is the model in which an organization implements to help its employees in developing their organizational and personal abilities, skills and knowledge. It comprises activities that the organization designs to furnish its staff with the necessary skills…
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Research Brief for HR Development
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Extract of sample "Research Brief for HR Development"

HRD in the Implementation of Team-building Activities Insert Insert s Human Resource Development is the model in which an organization implements to help its employees in developing their organizational and personal abilities, skills and knowledge. It comprises activities that the organization designs to furnish its staff with the necessary skills so as to meet the current and future market demands. Teambuilding activities are of significant value to an organization’s success. They improve the working relationship of colleagues at work; thus improving work performance (Kozlowski & Ilgen, 2006). It is the work of HRD department to train and develop their employees’ team building skills. Training employees on team building will improve their skills, knowledge and attitudes in the workplace especially for a certain task. It will also make the employees open to each other thus increasing the confidence at work place.
“The make versus Buy” decisions are the best available resources that HRD will use in the program. These includes resources that will be use to assist with conducting needs assessment, guiding the employees in implementing the program, provision of supplemental training materials and selecting a trainer who will train the employees (Lee & Bruvold, 2003). Therefore, in the selection of a trainer it is important for HRD to outsource because most of the time the organizations do not have the expertise of designing the programs in-house. The trainer may be outsourced from a consulting firm and selecting in terms of credentials, experience, cost, and philosophy. Objectives must be set in order to show the performance in which the HRD wants its employees to achieve and exhibit before they consider them as competent.
The trainer should have knowledge and varied skills that are designed and implemented in the program. When the trainer prepares an advanced level of expertise, the train will be an effective one. It is good to use different training methods and techniques. The trainer translates the objectives of the program in an executable training session and a training guide in order for the team-building program to success (Lee & Bruvold, 2003).
In summary, activities that are involved in the implementation processes of an HRD program such as team building include assessing the needs of employees and areas that need development to better serve the needs. The second phase is that HRD is to design the intended benefits of the program, which include performance improvement and behaviour change of the employees (Vinaya, Mahatab & Kumar, 2013). The final activity is to continue researching on the program, monitoring and evaluating. In the program, an evaluation phase is where the effectiveness of the HRD team building intervention is measured. A careful evaluation of the program will provide an individual reaction to the program. It will depict how much they have learnt. It is can be done by using applicable metrics such as post-test on whether they are using skills they have learned and whether the activities improved the efficiency.
The issue of which international law to apply is a significant problem for human resources managers, which is the governing law. There is a problem if HR managers in balancing on how to maximise the advantages of diversity. It is a matter that is a concern with an HR organization management and employment conditions. An increased tension has built up between uniformity, which are codes of conducts are well-defined transmitter of corporate culture (Vinaya, Mahatab & Kumar, 2013). Moreover, diversity about each country is supposed to gain, not decrease, with globalisation.
Lee, C. H., & Bruvold, N. T. (2003). Creating value for employees: Investment in employee development. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 14(6), 981–1000
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Research Brief for HR Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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