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Effects of Human Dimension on Organisational Behaviour - Essay Example

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This essay describes theories of management and organizational behavior that focus on ways in which modern-day managers can make the most out of their employees by understanding the attitude of employees and putting in place the right forms of motivation…
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Effects of Human Dimension on Organisational Behaviour
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Extract of sample "Effects of Human Dimension on Organisational Behaviour"

Download file to see previous pages The paper, therefore, makes it possible to define the best means of managing organizational behaviour through the simple task of managing attitudes and motivation.  This is because Walton (2007) noted that it is not all forms of organizational behaviour that promotes growth. Drory & Ritov (1997) noted that attitudes are evaluative judgments or statements made about people within an organization. This means that attitude embodies people’s habitual nature, readily associated or identifiable with them within the organization. The attitudes of people, however, do not always come in one form as there are three key components of attitude common with organizational members. The first component is the cognitive component, which Canary, Coach and Serape (2001) noted to be the form of attitude that highlights people’s opinion and beliefs. Because of the relationship between cognitive component of attitude and opinion, it is often seen as a means by which people give personal evaluation on actions that take place within the organization (Samovar and Porter, 2011). A typical example is the evaluative attitude of people when there is a promotion at the workplace. In such situations, employees are likely to evaluate the promotion as either being deserving of the person or not. Where the person’s evaluation says the person promoted did not deserve the promotion, chances are that a negative attitude will be developed towards that person. Meanwhile, where there is a negative attitude, an organizational behaviour may be negatively affected due to the possibility of frequent organizational conflict. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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