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The primary objective of this paper is to summarise leadership styles that I have learnt an article by Accenture titled Increased Effectiveness through Social Styles. According to the document, there are four patterns of behaviour. The patterns are also referred to as social…
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Britta Riede Harrison
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Summary of leadership styles Summary of leadership styles The primary objective of this paper is tosummarise leadership styles that I have learnt an article by Accenture titled Increased Effectiveness through Social Styles. According to the document, there are four patterns of behaviour. The patterns are also referred to as social forms that are manifested by individuals and are vital to understand and would aid one in not only building but developing the most appropriate leadership skills to fit one entirely in a leadership position. Social styles assess the perceptions of a concord of people of a second party’s conduct and how they are impacted by the conduct. These social techniques include driving, analytical, amiable and expressive.
The four social styles the leader should know fall into three dimensions; responsiveness, versatility, assertiveness. Assertiveness is gauged from one’s tendencies to tell or ask in interacting with others. The “ask” tendency is more reserved whereas the “tell” tendency is more outgoing. Responsiveness is a perception of one by others as to whether he displays control in situations or shows his feelings and emotions. In this dimension, one can be more emoting or more controlling. Responsiveness can be expressed verbally based on the tone, subjects being discussed and the descriptions given, and non-verbally based on gestures, body postures and facial expressions.
When fitted into these three dimensions, definite traits manifest in the 4 social forms. Knowing these traits is crucial for anyone in a leadership position. For instance, as he can understand himself and his subordinates better and possibly predict their reactions when faced with different situations. He is also able to assess his own character intelligently and make necessary adjustments. Analytical style is characterised by seriousness, exaction, indecision and manifestation of logic. Driving style is characterised by one being independent, formal, practical and dominating. Amiable style is characterised by dependability; supportive, pliable and openness and expressive style is characterised by animation, impulsive, being forceful and opinionated.
Identifying ones social style is very critical in dealing with tension as a leader. You get to know how others perceive you, how to go about tension and other’s back-up styles and to talk about other’s tension but not one’s own in conversations. It is true that some tension is needed for optimum productivity, but too much tension lowers productivity and so does too little tension.
Relationships go down in the event that style-related behaviour compromise the productivity of different relationships. In order to correctly judge styles as a leader, one needs to first take a look at the observed energy level, then the degree of emotions to give a more probable form. Finally the most likely style with typical factors should be tested.
Working with other styles is necessary for a leader. He must be able to understand how to go about dealing with people having other different forms so he must know his style.
My thoughts on leadership have all along been based on guidance towards the realisation of present goals. This is without minding neither the affairs nor the disposition of those of whom the supposed leader is to co-ordinate with to achieve those goals. However, having read the material, I have come to know that it takes just more than guidance to be an effective leader. It also requires one to understand his subordinates and himself and know how to handle different people with different temperaments that comprises a lot of interpersonal skills.
Accenture. 2011. Increase effectiveness through social styles. Read More
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Britta Riede Harrison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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