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The essay "Viewpoints of Benjamin Harrison" is about the various aspects that Benjamin Harrison stood for, including the freedom for all the Americans. Besides, A less talkative individual but an equivocal leader and an activist that considered the plight of the people…
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Viewpoints of Benjamin Harrison
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Download file to see previous pages Being a farmer, it was mandatory that he was to use slaves on his plantations. Despite the ruthlessness that was being shown to the slaves, he seemed to have a soft spot for them. He was a nationalist who believed that the Americans had the same rights as Britons as well as other groups of people. His resistance to the obnoxious stamp duty against tea is an indicator of his resentment to economic injustices committed against the Americans. He would be very happy to establish that there is more economic freedom today. Many individuals can manage to live a decent life and have free opportunities to engage in economic activities without much oppression from the government of the day. In addition, the fact that the resources within the country are used for the good of its citizens and not foreigners, then Harrison would have appreciated the effort that has been put. Benjamin V viewed societal injustices from a personal viewpoint and attempted to do something about it. He went ahead to use his own resources in the activism that opposed the bill that mentioned that the laws passed by the Virginia parliament were contrary to the law. He would be pleased to notice the separation of powers between the states and the federal government and how they are able to work in synchrony. In another situation, he condemned the enactment of the intolerable acts and joined hands with others to form the continental congress. He is on record for having desired to unite the Americans to fight against the ruthlessness of the colonial master. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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