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HR activities that includes selection, recruitment, retention, to training and others are all geared up to complement the various systems of organizations…
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HR Strategic Planning MODULE 1 Discussion
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HR Strategic Planning The various department and functions of business organization works together in order to achieve its goal and objectives. HR activities that includes selection, recruitment, retention, to training and others are all geared up to complement the various systems of organizations by providing them the manpower, skills through training and of course, remuneration and other motivation programs to ensure that the organization is working properly and able to deliver its commitment to its various shareholders that include its customers, stockholders, regulatory agencies and the community at large.
This explains why team work is emphasized in a business organization as its various units need to collaborate together for it to function. For example, the goal of marketing is integrated into manufacturing for the factory people realize the need of customer satisfaction. Information and knowledge are also shared through the various channels in the organization to promote cohesion, knowledge and skills across organization (Kahn and Mentzer, 1998). Departments may not be well verse in other functions of the business but they are aware that their output are needed by other departments and that they are also dependent on the output of others.
One of the concrete example where the various department and functions intersect with each other is through a project which is increasingly becoming common in business organizations. Projects are typically composed of people in the organization from various departments with different background and skillsets working together in order to achieve the goal of the project.
Kahn, Kenneth B., and John T. Mentzer. "Marketing’s Integration with Other Departments." Journal of Business Research 42.1 (1998): 53-62. Print. Read More
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