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Taking municipal vehicles home - Research Paper Example

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The issue at hand involves unlawful act of municipal employees of defying the set guidelines that are enacted by the city officials pertaining to use of municipal vehicles. Various municipal council workers have been abusing the opportunity of driving vehicles that belong to…
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Taking municipal vehicles home
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Download file to see previous pages According to Plaisance, it was recommended that city employees should be paying a weekly fee in order to enjoy the privilege of driving home in a municipal vehicle (Plaisance par. 5). The strict measure was proposed in order to discourage the habit since there was huge wastage of public resources.
Taking municipality vehicle’s home is a major concern since it acts as an indirect fining to city residents. Municipality officials drive home on their official work cars, thus, consuming much fuel that translates into millions of dollars. Consequently, there is huge wastage of public funds since driving home is a personal issue that is of no benefit to the citizens who are heavily taxed (McDonald, par. 2). Moreover, workers should be given a framework of guidelines that ensures that such loopholes of public funds wastage are mended.
Various theories, as well as views, depict people view the issue. There are those that view the issue as a normal one whereas others deem it as a critical concern. City officials deem it as a practice that encourages excessive use of the limited municipality resources. Therefore, employees who do not work on “regular and current” basis should not be allowed to take vehicles home. Many cities have enacted laws that regulate the number of take-home vehicles. The policy of take-home vehicles puts a city’s constrained resources under financial pressure. Therefore, proper policy measures that control the situation need to be put in place.
Nonetheless, there are various legal requirements that limit the level of taking the municipal vehicles’ home. Municipal employees who are not in a “call around the clock” duty cannot use vehicles same to those who work intermittently. However, there are other groups of workers who have remained proof of these legal steps. These groups entail workers who can be called required to be during any moment. Otherwise, the law constrains municipal workers from using such city vehicles except when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Taking Municipal Vehicles Home Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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