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Evaluation of Job Recruitment - Essay Example

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This industry consists of hotels, service companies, and tour companies among others. In this industry, the hotel sector has more weight than any other sector in terms of their number…
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Evaluation of Job Recruitment
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of Job Recruitment"

Download file to see previous pages Looking at the website of Tivoli Lodge, the career information provided on vacancy available in the hotel is adequate for someone who may have an interest. The information include the names of the particular vacancies available, whether it is hourly or hourly, the amount paid per hour, and the job description or what the job requires of the applicant (Tivoli Lodge, 2014). On the other hand, a career information found on the website of Oxford Group Of Hotels is not quite elaborate. It has the name the job position and the specific hotel where the vacancy is available (Oxford Hotel Group, 2014). However, there is no information on either a salary or on the job description or what one is expected to do when offered the job. Information about the required qualification for the job is also not put in this website.
The website of Tivoli Lodge at least gives some hint on the corporate culture of this company through describing the job requirement. The corporate culture realized through their way of doing things. Every company does their thing in a unique way, and some of these ways are strengths or weaknesses in these companies, to their performance. Therefore, by Tivoli Lodge, describing what activities a person is required to do for a particular job position, they are trying to make the potential candidates aware of their corporate culture. On the other hand, the website of Oxford Group of Hotels portrays the company as one that does not give the potential much information about corporate culture. The information on career on this website is too brief and does not explain much about the corporate culture. However, the candidates can also learn from this website that, the company is one that does not like sharing certain information meant for itself, with the entire public.
Tivoli Lodges website attracts applicants through announcing the specific amount paid for each position, so that, all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluation of Job Recruitment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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