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Work force diversity, as it applies in the human resource management field can be defined as the differences and similarities that exist among the employees of an organisation (Eigenhuis & Dijk, 2007). The differences and similarities can be in terms of their age, religion,…
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Human Resource Management
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Human Resource Management Work Force Diversity Work force diversity, as it applies in the human resource management field can be defined as the differences and similarities that exist among the employees of an organisation (Eigenhuis & Dijk, 2007). The differences and similarities can be in terms of their age, religion, physical abilities and talent endowment among others
Importance to human resource management
The business market place is becoming highly competitive; businesses are now avoiding any extra responsibilities that do not help them succeed. As businesses expand globally, the need for having diversity in the workforce becomes important. It is essential to have a workforce that understands cultures of various regions and markets; therefore, a multi-talented and multicultural workforce is necessary in modern businesses.
As a human resource manager in the business, I would ensure that recruitment policies allow admission and employment of multicultural workers. This will make the business able to penetrate different markets and regions in its expansion approaches.
Watson Wyatt Human Capital Index
This is a continuous study that is used to quantify the association between the precise human capital performances and the value that shareholders have in a particular business.
Importance to human resource management
One of the advantages of this index is that it provides the human resource department with various financial-performance metrics. In addition, it helps business managers to make effective assessments of their investments in human resources.
Alternatively, the index is essential in testing the belief of whether it is profitable to manage human capital effectively in a business. This way, the business can determine the most reliable pay structures for its human resources and other benefits for them to be productive.
In the business practice, I would make use of the index in determining efficiency of employees in order to know the pay structures that should be assigned to different workers. This will be essential in paying employees and giving them benefits commensurate to their abilities and dedication to the business.
Outsourcing, as a business practice is defined as the act of contracting out various business processes to other external parties. In some case, the process of outsourcing requires transferring the employees of a business, as well as its assets to another firm.
Importance to human resource management
As businesses expand, the need to focus on its core competencies becomes paramount; in this case, its human resources can be strained. Outsourcing some of the business practices becomes essential in helping the business to put emphasis on its core competencies to succeed.
In the human resource department, I can use outsourcing to ensure that as the business grows, some of its activities like product promotion are outsourced to other expert groups so that the business concentrates on production and other important core processes.
Shared Services
In business, the concept of shared services is described as the process of providing services by a certain part of a business organization where the service had initially been provided by one part of the organisation (Noe, 2006). In this case, the resourcing of that particular service becomes a shared affair in the business.
Importance to human resource management
Sharing services in a business enables the human resource department in a business to create accountability systems in the business. In addition, it enables different human resources and other departments to practice their skills and ability in handling different activities in the process of business functioning.
As a human resource manager, I would use the concept of shared services to ensure that all departments are able to contribute towards all work process on a rotational basis. This way, all company employees will be better placed to handle different work practices effectively.
Disparate Impact
In business or any social functions, disparate impact is applied to refer to an adverse effect arising from a practice or set standard that sounds neutral and is non-discriminatory as far is its intention is concerned (Noe, 2006). However, the practice may happen to affect certain individuals that have a certain disability or belong to a certain group depending on their sex, ethnicity or age.
Importance to human resource management
The doctrine of disparate impact enables the human resource department in the business to establish policies that are neutral and do not hurt employees in various unprecedented ways. For instance, it does not create approaches that may disadvantage employees that cannot different between certain colours, abilities among other things in its practice.
In designing human resource policies as the manager, I would ensure that all policies and regulations created do not affect the performance of human resources, giving undue advantage to others especially when in comes to promotion and other benefits.
Disparate treatment
This is an act where an individual or employee in a business organisation happens to have been singled and handled in a manner that is seemed to be unfavorable (Noe, 2006).
Importance to human resource management
In human resource management functions, the doctrine of disparate treatment is essential in establishing various policies that enhance fairness and equity in the organization. This enables the business to appreciate and honor its workforce, irrespective of their differences and handle them with respect even when they make mistakes.
As the human resource manager in a business, I will ensure that all workers are treated fairly irrespective of their differences in abilities, skills and talents. This way, they will feel appreciated and valued, thus leading to their effectiveness and productivity in the business.
The WARN Act, as it applies to modern business practices, refers to the responsibility by business to give warnings in advance for any closure or laying off of affected employees, their representative and local authorities concerned (Eigenhuis & Dijk, 2008).
Importance to human resource management
WARN Act enables the human resource department to dismiss and lay off workers in ways that are deemed honorable. This way, it avoids court disputes by workers that may be affected without being given prior notice of the particular actions committed to them.
In effective human resource management, I would ensure that any actions that a business engages in that would affect workers in any way are communicated effectively and conveniently. This is because, besides acting in the right legal framework, it enables workers feel valued and appreciated even if their services are no longer needed in the business.
Performance simulation tests
These are tests used in the process of assessing the impact that critical decisions in the business are bound to have in the business (Eigenhuis & Dijk, 2007). This way, business executives and human resource managers are able to make judgments about their effectiveness and significance in the business.
Importance to human resource management
These tests are important to the human resource management in that it helps them know the effect of certain work practices before they are accepted in the business as right standards of practice. In most cases, the effectiveness of these tests is often derived from various characteristics that are carefully designed and provided to employees.
In the human resource department, I would make use of these tests in evaluating the impact that certain business decisions and practices would have on the general productivity of employees as well as the morale of workers before implementing as standards of practice.
These are special codes that are used in the process of identifying careers that in proportionate to individuals personalities (Eigenhuis & Dijk, 2008). It enables individuals to make evaluations of their career choices so that they can chose and join careers that they can do best
Importance to human resource management
To human resource management, Realistic-conventional-artistic attributes are essential in guiding employees in their various work practices. They are guided ably about how to align their work responsibilities according to their preferences and personalities to achieve effective performance.
In enhancing work performance from employees, I would ensure that employees are guided effectively in their work responsibilities. I would hold seminars and in-house training programs to train employees on how their personality can be aligned to various work duties.
Equal pay Act
Equal pay Act came into effect in 1963, the policy refers to the act of having pay structures in the organisations that are not determined by sex and other forms of discrimination (Lawler & Boudreau, 2012). The act ensures that all employees in the organisation are treated fairly especially when it comes to remuneration.
Importance to human resource management
The implementation of the act by the human resource department means that all employees are treated fairly without any form of sexual discrimination. Human resource management practices are therefore designed in way that all workers are effectively considered in the different work responsibilities including their benefits and other forms of remuneration.
As a human resource manager, I can make use of this act to ensure all employees in the business are treated with equality. The pay structures that I can recommend in the business are those that ensure all people are treated fairly, according to their designation and work responsibilities, and not based on their sex and other means that are discriminatory.
Equal Employment Opportunity, as applied in the business field means that all people irrespective of their differences are given equal chances for job consideration (Lawler & Boudreau, 2012).
Importance to human resource management
EEO provides an importance consideration to business organisations in the process of doing job evaluation and recruitment. Human resource management approaches are hence designed to recruit and offer employment to job candidates that are qualified for the job and not according to the race, gender, sex and other means that are discriminatory.
In implementing EEO, I would create various practices by which all people are recognized effectively for their work in the business and job opportunities arising are offered according to peoples abilities and experience and not on terms that are unfair and discriminatory.
This is term refers to the ability of people to maintain engage in health insurance, make confidential their health care information, thus assist the health care sector in keeping administrative costs as low as possible (Moseley, 2009).
Importance to human resource management
The importance of HIPAA to human resource management is that organisations can help their workforce sign for health care insurance and assist them in keeping their healthcare information safe and secure.
In work practice, I would apply the term in ensuring all workers are entitled to health care insurance as part of the benefits offered to encourage their effective performance.
COBRA, as used in healthcare insurance is a term that refers to the ability of workers and their immediate families to decide whether to continue having group health benefits after they lose their jobs voluntarily or involuntarily (Moseley, 2009).
Importance to human resource management
COBRA is an important work practice that enables human resource functions to create health insurance plans that workers can chose to have either as individuals or including their families as a group
In enhancing the performance of employees, I would use COBRA to create health care benefits that incorporate workers and their families. This will make them take care of the health needs of their next of kins effectively in case of health emergencies.
Taft Hartley Act
This Act came into place in 1947 in order to restrict the work of labor unions in business activities in the country (Lawler, & Boudreau, 2012). The Act was established in order to enable workers to discharge their duties in the business with limited involvement of trade unions
Importance to human resource management
The Act makes it possible for human resource management functions to involve employees fully in management practices, taking time to listen and address their issues effectively.
In the business, I would create effective systems by which workers can channel their complaints and other issues, thereby addressing them effectively to enhance better performance.
SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis refers to a tool that is used to assess the effectiveness of business practices in order to make change that can enhance its effective performance and market position (Lawler & Boudreau, 2012).
Importance to human resource management
The SWOT enables human resource management functions to evaluate its internal and external business environment and build strategies to enhance its ability to create competitive advantages in the market place.
As a human resource manager, I would apply the SWOT to analyse practice that can give the business strengths and opportunities in its internal and external environment respectively. I would also reduce the business’ point of weaknesses and reduce its threats to make it effective and productive.
The most interesting concept
One of the most interesting concepts that I have learnt is the doctrine of disparate impact, this because, certain activities are done on the business without the intention of hurting other people. However, in their practice, they sometimes disadvantage other people in different ways; for instance, performance appraisal and other evaluation programs that may involve choice s of color may affect people, that color blind, this is discriminatory and the business has avoid such while creating employee performance evaluation schemes.
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