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As a human resource specialist, it is my responsibility to ensure that the hospital gets the right person for the vacancy. However, the hospital does not have does not have a hiring procedure or an outlined job description…
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Assignment 480 ch.6
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RECRUITMENT OF EMPLOYEES RECRUITMENT OF EMPLOYEES Introduction The hospital is currently in needof hiring a nurse. As a human resource specialist, it is my responsibility to ensure that the hospital gets the right person for the vacancy. However, the hospital does not have does not have a hiring procedure or an outlined job description. It has been observed that hiring the right person determines the success or performance of the organization (Arthur, 2012). Employees are crucial resource in an organization, and the employee’s quality adds value to the organization. Additionally, it is vital to ensure that the hiring process is done at a price that the organization can afford. This is therefore, a crucial process that will help match the goals and values of the hospital with the needs and expectations of the new employee. The essay will outline the process that will be used in hiring a nurse and develop a job description for this position.
The hiring process
As earlier stated, the hospital does not have both the job description, and the hiring procedure. As a human resource specialist, my first objective will to develop the description and specifications of the job, and in our case is nursing. Job analysis is the first step when developing a job description. This will include gathering data on the nature, and position of the job vacancy at the hospital (Arthur, 2012). This will help determine the personal characteristic, knowledge, skills, and other characteristics, (KSAOs), that the job demands. The data gathered will be recorded in a document entailing the specifications and descriptions of the job. The two documents will aid the recruiters and applicants on learning the objectives and requirements of the job vacancy.
The second step will involve developing a hiring procedure/process for the hospital. The role of the hiring procedure is to ensure that the hiring is in accordance the values, capacities, and need of the hospital. Additionally, it helps in identification of the system and tools that will aid the hiring process (Arthur, 2012). For the hospital to hire the best candidate there is need for the presence of a large number of applicants. The applicants are informed through employee referral, advertisements, walk-ins, and school recruiters, depending on the cost, time, and resources available. Selection techniques are then employed to ensure the candidate who is best qualified is selected for the job. Scientific selection methods are also employed when selecting the employee. In our case, the hiring procedure will be simple but effective since it is only meant to address one position.
Job description
The key duties for the nurse will include administering and monitoring medication, taking blood pressures, temperature, and samples from the patients, and offering emotional support to both patients and the relatives. Additionally, the nurse is also required to organize workloads, supervise the juniors, and educate student nurses. All the applicants should be able to work in a twenty-four-hour shift. Qualifications for the job include a relevant degree in biological, health, or social sciences. Additional experience in caring for people in need is useful. The applicants should also possess good observation skills, good health, reliance, stamina, and ability to deal with emotional situations.
Hiring procedure
The applicants will be notified on the availability of the vacancy through newspaper advertisement. All the applicants will be subjected to an interview where their knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs), will be accessed and analyzed. The best suited candidates will be shortlisted, and subjected to psychological test to determine their skills. The applicants who perform best in the test will be selected, and integrated with the rest of the staffs.
Arthur, D. (2012). Recruiting, interviewing, selecting & orienting new employees. New York: American Management Association. Read More
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Assignment 480 ch.6 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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