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Leadership issue in Healthcare - Research Paper Example

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The US is experiencing a nursing shortage problem which is likely to be felt until the year 2020 (Goodin, 2003). Without any solutions to this problem, this issue would continue to impact on the quality and the adequacy of nursing care in hospitals…
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Leadership issue in Healthcare
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McGregor’s Theory X and Y is one of the many leadership theories. It has been of popular usage in human resource management and in organizational development (Ledlow and Coppola, 2010). This theory proposes two attitudes in the application of leadership qualities, and that leaders either followed one or the other. Firstly, according to his Theory X, management admits that employees are by nature lazy and are likely to stay away from work if and when they can (Ledlow and Coppola, 2010). Leaders therefore need to monitor workers and closely supervise them based on various control measures. The hierarchical structure is important to control the employee. Moreover, this theory sets forth that employees would not show much ambition without incentives implemented by the leader; moreover, they would avoid any responsibility as long as they are able (Ledlow and Coppola, 2010). The leader who believes this theory conceives that his employees do not actually want to work, and that they would prefer to avoid responsibility; moreover, the leader believes that he has to establish a structure which would motivate his employees. Consequently, the theory X leader is likely to implement a more authoritarian style of leadership, one which is made more effective by punishment (Ledlow and Coppola, 2010).
ployees are very ambitious and motivated; that they eagerly await and accept responsibility; and that they have self-control in their activities (Ledlow and Coppola, 2010). This theory assumes that employees are enjoying their work and if given the chance, they can be creative and imaginative. The Theory Y leader has a more encouraging outlook for his employees as he sees them as a creative workforce and employees who are motivated to do the job right (Ledlow and Coppola, 2010). This leader also seeks to assist the member by removing barriers which prevent these members from realizing their potential. Additional information from journals Peterson, (2007) also discusses that Theory X members need extra and constant attention; they also do not want to work and actually need to be punished for failing to work. And the Theory Y members are those who want to work and do not need to always be controlled or monitored. Carson (2005) also discusses that Theory Y describes the management principles seen in the last half of the 20th century. It highlights a time when the people and the leaders have become more focused on enjoying their work and their responsibilities without the encumbrances of forced work or oppressive work conditions under the rule of dictators or authoritative leaders. In short, the rule of thumb seen in the second half of the 20th century according to Carson fits the principles laid out under Theory Y. In order to address the nursing shortage, Thyer (2003) discusses that in order to help manage the nursing shortage, it is also important to prevent nurses from leaving the practice. Preventing them from leaving the practice can be ensured with the application of transformational leadership. This transformational process involves the act of bringing the nursing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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