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Currently mergers and acquisitions are one of the most important trends in the organizations. That is why this topic has been chosen.
Current trends of mergers and acquisition has significant influences on…
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Trends in HR
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Trends in HR Trend Here in this paper the selected trend in HR is Merger and acquisition. Currently mergers and acquisitions are one of the most important trends in the organizations. That is why this topic has been chosen.
Explain how the current trend influences HRM in organizations today
Current trends of mergers and acquisition has significant influences on the HRM in the organizations. HRM is the custodian of talents. It is often being noticed that for the sake of productivity and business efficiency two similar kinds of companies are merged. They become one single entity after the merger. But there are certain cultural differences between organizations and the working patterns of the employees. This cultural differences between two merging organization creates significant complexity for the HR people. It is very important for the HR people to maintain a sense of unity among the workers of the two merging companies. This trends influences lots of changes related with organizational structure and leadership in the organizations. All those changes are dealt with by the HR department only. According to the study of KPMG, mergers and acquisition presents considerable hazards (Napier, 2009, pp. 371-372). All those hazards influence HRM in the organizations.
How HR professionals can deal with it
There are several ways through which HR professional can deal with it. HR people can help the leaders of the two companies to agree upon a common set of goals. The HR people can offer rewards to the employees of two merging organizations for successfully finishing their jobs together. HR people can come up with different team building activities between the employees of two different organizations. It creates a sense of unity among them.
Napier, N. (2009). Mergers and acquisitions, human resource issues and outcomes: A review and suggested typology. Journal of Management Studies, 32(2), pp. 371–372. Read More
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