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Reason being, all the 14 principles benefit both the business and the employees. The employees stand to benefit through vigorous training; normal working hours; teamwork; and gaining more skills through on-job trainings. On the other hand, the business is going to benefit…
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HR Strategy Achieving Quality
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HR Strategy Achieving Quality Do you agree with these principles? Yes. Reason being, all the 14 principles benefit both the business and the employees. The employees stand to benefit through vigorous training; normal working hours; teamwork; and gaining more skills through on-job trainings. On the other hand, the business is going to benefit from increased output and consequently returns. This will significantly, lead to a growth of the business. (Deming, 1986)
How can unions help pursue these 14 principles?
Unions can pursue these principles if and only if the rights of the employees are not violated. Therefore, since the above principles are positive, the labor union will uphold them. However, in order to make it more official, they will request the employers to consent to it in case of employee violation, or the labor unions could sue the employer. (Deming, 1986)
How can unions help hinder the 14 principles?
In the event that the 14 principles are against the requirements of a given union, the unions can instigate the push for legal action in an area that concerns the interested parties. In the case of an employer, the trade union will not support that which is against the rights of the workers. Similarly, union can also hinder the principles if through them the employer will be violating the rights of the employee’s participation in a trade union. (Deming, 1986)
What factors determine whether a union helps or hinders achievement of 14 principles?
To begin with, is if the union supports the principles intended to benefit both parties (employers and employees); second, are the principles opposed by the union positive or negative; third, are unions willing to deliberate on a matter to come to an agreement; fourth, does the union address the needs of the members; finally, does union negatively or positively affect the employers or employees. (Deming, 1986)
Deming, W. E. (1986). HR Strategy Achieving Quality . In W. E. Deming, Out of Crisis (pp. 23-24). New York: MIT press. Read More
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