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Most managers possess the belief that they and their subordinates work as a team, but are more interested in having their subordinates…
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Team Building 2
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of the Number: Paper: Question Competencies are not solely the attributes of individual team members but are the attributes that are developed and shared by the team members. Most managers possess the belief that they and their subordinates work as a team, but are more interested in having their subordinates carry out orders and operate independently under their direct supervision. A team requires a series of developmental steps that will make an impact on its bottom-line (Cook, Mangla & Ummer, 2009).
Some of the competencies that are required for the success of the team are cited below:
Setting Clear Measurable Goals: high performing teams possess the competency to set clear and measurable goals to which all team members are highly committed.
Making Assignments clear and Ensuring Competence: Once clear goals are set, the team must get into the process of making individual assignments so that everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to do and how it contributes to the team goals (Bennis, 2003).
Using an effective decision making process: Making effective decisions that have the commitment of all the team members is another key competency. They must make a wide range of decision related to goals, programs, schedule, assignments and so forth.
Building trust: The fundamental emotional condition in a team is trusting. The team members have to trustworthy in order to build a strong team (Bennis, 2003).
Establishing open Communication channels: this competency involves some risk if the norm is to keep quiet and say only what the boss wants to hear. So, it would be helpful if the leader initiates a team-oriented exercise which would allow them to open up, make decisions, test trust levels and observe the leader’s behavior (Bennis, 2003).
Question 2
Two task-related competencies and their importance are described below:-
Running effective meetings: the team must have a clear purpose and goal of each meeting, develop and agenda before the meetings, structure the items on the agenda to follow a logical sequence, summarize and record actions, decisions and assignments made at the meeting and make it clear that all team members have the responsibility to call for a meeting, if required. These steps are likely to make the team more productive (W.G. Dyer, W.G. Dyer Jr. & J.H. Dyer, 2007).
Establishing Accountability for High performance: High-performance teams ensure high performance standards and team members hold each other accountable for performance. Once individual assignments are done, the team members periodically check the same and hold each other accountable for fulfilling them as the way that is required. Giving credit to all the team members increases the productivity of the team and makes it more effective.
Two process-related competencies and their importance are described below: -
Managing Conflict
Teams which are effective know to give and receive constructive feedback without being defensive or combative. This helps in continuous improvement in the team. Managing conflicts effectively is a critical competency because every team has conflicts, but unresolved conflicts reduce the efficiency of the teamwork (West, 2012).
Creating Mutual Respect and Collaboration
Effective teams know how to collaborate in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. High performance teams develop a norm of reciprocity that involves quickly helping each other when asked. This works when the team members develop respect for each other’s skills, and realize that they are better off if they collaborate (Kennedy & Dresser, 2005).
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