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Video games have constantly been associated with negative outcomes such promotion of violent themes, wastage of time, distraction and the corruption of moral mainly among the young people. However, recent studies have shown that video games can be used to facilitate learning…
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Learning and Transfer of Training
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Download file to see previous pages They promote intellectual skills which results to faster problem solving and critical thinking.
In addition to improved intellectual skills and practical application of knowledge video games improve the motor skills. This is important when in learning practical courses such as telephone repair, computer repair, plumbing and driving. Video games promote just in time learning since the players are constantly encouraged to be better through the various levels of difficulty. Video games encourage critical thinking since the trainees enter into a virtual world and are supposed to come up with ideas on the next move that they are supposed to take (Jana, 2005). It has been proven that learning through images is the best since vision is the most important sense of the brain. Video games are highly visual and this makes it easier for the information that is learnt to be recalled better. Finally, video games stimulate the emotional interest of the trainees because they are emotionally engaging.
Transfer of training is defined as the epitome of any learning process. This is because it determine how well individuals what they learnt in their jobs. Video games facilitate generalization that is termed as the trainee’s capacity to use the information that was imparted on them during the training (Jana, 2005). Video games present the situation that the trainees will encounter in the field and this promotes transfer training in general. In other words, the problems that are present in the learning environment are similar to those that are found in the learning environment.
Video games facilitate maintenance which refers to the process through which individuals apply what they were taught over time. It is imperative to note that for training to be efficient, both transfer of training and learning and mandatory. It has been observed that individuals that fail to apply what they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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