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Job security and its impact on national security - Thesis Proposal Example

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The modern world has undergone massive changes in its labor market both in the composition and dynamics of jobs thus becoming more flexible than before. Such evolutions can be associated with the wholesome internationalization of the economic activities, which has inevitably…
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Job security and its impact on national security
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Download file to see previous pages Even with the variable pictures portrayed by the different employment versions in the modern society, there has been a keen insight into the impact of securing jobs, particularly among youths, to the general national security. There has been a general association of high level of employment with reduced criminal activities in the society and the nation at large. For instance, many observers believe that upon securing employment, many youths are able to sufficiently meet their respective needs for livelihood hence less likely to engage in unlawful activities. In this respect, therefore, this study is aimed at investigating the various effects of job security in United Arabs Emirates together with its impacts on the national security of the country.
The relationship between the rates of aggregate employment and crime incidences have initially been analyzed but the outcome of the same has demonstrated massive inconsistence. The discrepancies observed could be largely associated with the inconsistence in application of both sociological and economic theory, together with numerous issues related to the methodology of the previous researches. According to Atkinson, Healeyand Mourato (2005), a crime is equated to a decision by an individual on the basis of the possible gain or loss. Predicting the impact of job security and employment among youths to the public policy and law enforcement in the nation could be of much significance in making of informed decisions thus reducing the law enforcement costs and enhancing the effectiveness of the anti-crime strategies (Torka and Schyns, 2007).
There is high interest among the policy makers to identify the individuals who are more vulnerable to engaging in criminal offences thus posing a security threat to the national security in the UAE (Bovenberg and Wilthagen, 2009). In order to inform this evidence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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