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Human resource management challenges which accrue to the company when it expands from international to global company include; Culture; business cultures differ from country to country and employees in different countries have different expectation of how they should be lead and…
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Managing Human Resources Globally
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Managing Human Resources Globally Human resource management challenges which accrue to the company when it expands from international to global company include; Culture; business cultures differ from country to country and employees in different countries have different expectation of how they should be lead and how decisions are to be handled in the company. It also affects the compensation systems and the communication system. Education human capital; levels of human capital are different from different countries depending on educational opportunities available in the country. This leads to a difference in the countries having low-wage levels and others having high-skill jobs. Economic systems; different countries have different economic systems which are not compatible for companies wishing to expand globally. Political-legal system; legal systems of different countries may restrict the company through imposition of strict legal requirements in aspects such as hiring, layoffs, firing, compensation or training.
The reason why most multinational organizations hire host-country nationals instead of sending their own expatriates is because it is expensive to send all the expatriates needed to fill the foreign positions. Also, the host-country nationals are more suited because they blend well with the culture of the foreign country. Furthermore, the company is able to reduce the legal and political challenges of dealing with foreign employees.
In order for an employee to qualify as an expatriate of a company to work in a foreign country, he must possess qualities such as competency in his area of expertise, he should be able to communicate elegantly and efficiently, possess the ability to adjust to different environments, tolerance of others’ cultures, and tolerance of challenges and be highly motivated.
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