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Managing People Global Context-Human Resources Management at Starbucks - Case Study Example

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The paper explores the employment relationship in Starbucks. Securing the interests of stakeholders is usually a key priority for managers in modern organizations. In practice, it has been proved that not all stakeholders are given the same attention, in regard to their rights…
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Managing People Global Context-Human Resources Management at Starbucks
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Download file to see previous pages In order to understand the importance of employee motivation for the standardization of business performance, it is necessary to understand the context of the employment relationship, as developed in businesses of different sizes worldwide. According to a description provided by ILO (2005), the employment relationship is a framework in the context of which an individual, called ‘worker’ provides services to the employer, an individual or an organization, under specific terms (ILO 2005, p.22). The terms of the employment relationship, including the level of payment, the length of days-off and so on, can be differentiated in each country according to the local laws and ethics (ILO 2005, p.22).
In the literature, the aspects of the employment relationship have been extensively explored. Most theorists have focused on the importance of employee satisfaction for employee performance, at the level that an employee who is satisfied with his job he is more likely to perform high compared to an employee who is dissatisfied, i.e. an employee who feels that his contribution in the development of daily organizational activities is not appropriately appreciated (Kaufman 2004). Reference can be made, for example, to the Motivation - Hygiene Theory of Herzberg. The specific theory promotes the idea that ‘employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction have two different dimensions’ (Pride et al. 2011, p.283).
Other theories developed in regard to employee motivation are the following ones: a) the Expectancy Theory of Vroom; this theory is based on the idea that the outcome of job, meaning the monetary and non-monetary awards given to the employee, is considered as ‘a means to satisfy needs’ (Armstrong 2007, p.132); b) the Maslow Theory of Needs; this theory promotes the view that when employee needs are not satisfied then the appearance of tension and disequilibrium in the organization’ (Armstrong 2007, p.132) cannot be avoided. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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