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Fix the report of HR strategy of BWM in china - Essay Example

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Global business can be defined as such kind of business transactions which are spread across the country and national borders and this will satisfy the interests and objectives of individuals, organizations and companies. Import export trade, foreign direct investments etc are…
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Fix the report of HR strategy of BWM in china
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Download file to see previous pages There are different laws, rules and regulations of different countries which will affect the global business activities. Cultures will be different, environmental factors will also be different. So the business may face some constraints, challenges and conflicts which may be raised from different laws, culture and societies. To operate business outside the national borders a company should think about their planning and taking decisions and it will take initiative to incorporate international business related considerations. The management of the company have to decide at first that what will be the goods and services or ideas that will be fitted in the international market, how the company will deliver goods to that market. Is the company delivering from domestic production unit or it will make production centre in the international market and goods will be supplied from there. The company should enter in the international market through trade or through investment this will be another point of decision. Customer’s behaviour also can be changed in different country’s market according to the time changes. The company should maintain the features of the product or the way to offer its services in accordance with the customer’s behaviour. If customers wants to get fast and quick services on time in case of logistics and transportation then the related companies in this field should be updated and change their speed of services. They will take some operational strategy to provide fast and quick services on time to meet the requirement of customers. If they will unable to take such initiatives then they will not survive in the international market. Recession is another big point in case of international business. Revenue, profit and sales will be declined. Company will stop to hire employees or cut down some manpower. Generally it will reduce the income of people and at a time reduce the purchasing power. Market change also helps to reduce the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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